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Monday, July 2, 2007

My Favorite Renoir

I decided to tribute my latest blog entry to my favorite "Renoir" Cairn Terrier ;). Joshua and I got Renoir about 13 months ago, and our life hasn't been the same since. I had to learn how to become a "dog" person as they say...and get used to so many new things. Bad breath in my face, getting licked all over, picking up unmentionables on walks outside, keeping my favorite things out of reach, or worse...finding my favorite things in bits and pieces on the floor. But in spite of all of these "inconveniences," I get such happiness from having Renoir in my life.
No one else has ever been so excited to see me when I walk in the door regardless of how long its been since I last entered. And when he looks at me with his little head titled after he's done something bad...I can't help but look at those cute eyes and fall in love with him all over again...he's my heart!

2 comments: said...

Little terriers have the biggest personalities, don't they?

Alice W. said...

They sure do!