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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Romantic Living Room Redo

I don't know about you, but after a few months of a certain set-up, I get bored with my decorating. Much to the chagrin of my husband these whims typically come after 9:00 moving furniture is usually left to little ole' me. I don't mind, however, as I find there is something peaceful and refreshing about rearranging your environment from time to time. I love those "ah ha" moments when you realize, I can't believe I didn't put that there all along! What was I thinking!

Recently my home (an upstairs one-bedroom apartment for the time being), has been going through a huge "romantic" transformation. Wood is being painted white and pale pink, already painted furniture is being sanded and aged even more than it already was, chandelier cords are being covered in lovely satin fabric, lamp shades are being embellished with flowers, buttons, fabric and brooches, tables are being covered with layers of vintage linens and so on.

I thought I would share this transformation with my readers, because I know how much I personally enjoy sneaking a peek at my fellow "cottage" lovers' homes. I began with my living room, which is shared below...both before and after. Enjoy! I will post other rooms as they are photographed. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

Living Room/Dining Room Area Before:

Living Room After:

Stay tuned for more of my transformation!

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Very Vintage Halloween

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. In fact, for years, I was adamantly against it! I won't get into all of the church politics behind my views back then...but suffice it to say my mind was opened about two years ago, when I stepped into a new church. Valley Community Church is a small congregation located in Hemlock, NY. Everyone is extremely laid the point that, at first, I was uncomfortable in the environment...was this place even reverent?

One day, early on in my visits, the pastor, Bill Moody (a man who frequently where's T-shirts while preaching), wrote on the chalk board (church services take place in a small old classroom) three things (only one of which I remember now...sorry Bill!). The first and only one I recall was "Halloween." He pointed to the word on the board and said, "Give the kids candy...that's what they want." It was short, simple, and sweet.

That's really all it took to get my mind a turnin'. Really? Give the kids candy? Don't turn your lights off and pretend you aren't home? Don't tell everyone you know how much you can't stand this awful holiday? Don't preach to them and tell them about Jesus or how they are sinners and are going to hell if they don't believe (ok ok I am being a bit dramatic...but we all know people like this, unfortunately). Just give the kids candy. Just love them. Just treat them how Jesus would, were he living here with us today. What would he do? My guess...and keep in's just a guess...but maybe...just our shock and amazement...he would do just that. Give the kids candy.

I have a completely different view about Halloween these days...and, therefore, don't get all uptight when I see houses covered in cobwebs and light up witches on broomsticks. In fact, I have even begun a little Halloween decorating of my own. Now, I still don't go for the blow up pumpkins and skull heads hanging from the porch. I prefer to decorate to my own taste...a little whimsical...a little vintage...and, hopefully, a lot creative. Here are some of my latest creations. I love paper cone decorations, which inspired me to make some cute, vintage-style altered art assemblages. Let me know what you think! And if any of you have some creative Halloween decorations send me some pics...I would love to see!

Both cone assemblages are currently up for auction in my eBay store! Check them out!

Be sure to check out my current Paper Bag Album as well!

You can read about at my other blog: Alice Altered

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mom's Antiques n' Things...

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A lovely mother from an era gone by...

Every since I was a little girl, I rememer getting so excited to go to flea markets and sales with my mother. She always likes to tell how when my younger sister and I would go with her, no matter how many brand new, in the package dolls/stuffed animals there were there, we always chose the oldest, rattiest ones to take home. She would try to coax us into getting the newer...cleaner...dolls, but my sister and I knew they would soon find good homes. The others, however, the outcasts, the misfits, if you will, may not. We HAD to rescue them!!!

Things haven't changed much these days, except for the twenty or so years that have gone by, and few (very few mind you!) inches taller I have grown. I am still always seeking out the oldest, chippiest, most worn and loved items to bring home. These are the real treasures to me. I am so thankful for those early memories about my trips to sales with my mom. They help to remind me of the simple pleasures we can find in life, and how, for me, it's not the newest, fastest, biggest, shiniest things that will bring joy. It's the things with a past, with a story to tell...with each chip, crack, or blemish...a lifetime of memories are held.

While browsing my mother's eBay store tonight, I found some delightful treasures...all with wonderful pasts I am sure! Each has a story of its own, which can continue to be carried out in yours if you so choose it! Take a stroll down memory lane with some of these beauties...

Antique China Head Doll 24" Marked B & D "AS FOUND"
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Vintage Print Children Reflections Paper Mache Frame
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Vintage Porcelain Toothpick Holder Romantic Couple HP
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Chicago World's Fair 1893 Youth Companion Ephemera
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
4 Vintage Individual Creamers Blue Urn Swag Restaurant:
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Vintage Porcelain Creamer HP Roses Embossed Gold AS IS

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Vintage Porcelain Pink Elephant Salt & Pepper Shakers
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And my absolute favorite...this shabby n' so chic creamer!!! (Which I am **hoping** she will find in her Big Big heart to give me! ;)

Vintage Shabby Pink Roses Porcelain Sugar Bowl HP
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Be sure to check out my mom's website (I designed it!), and sign her guestbook to let her know your thoughts!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Studio Make Over

After avoiding my studio for several months due to its haphazard state...I finally spent about a week cleaning it out, organizing, and rearranging it. Now, I finally have a place to sit down and create in once again. My husband can once again enjoy utilizing the dining table for eating!
Here are some pics of my new space:

Lots of storage and my grandmother's art desk.

My grandmother's paint pallette (she was an artist too!) decorated with a pink hobnail frame, dried pink roses, and vintage rose print. A white plume pen sits below.

Work Area

I love French artists the most, and this book is a fabulous vintage find...a school project of some sort, from the early 1900's, handwritten in beautiful penmanship are descriptions of famous artists.

Vintage sewing boxes and supplies along with my Beatrix Potter collection mixed in.

Tiny treasures. I love crystal prisms!

A shabby chic lamp decorated with roses, pearls and a pew cone from my wedding.

Collection of wine bottle corks.

Vintage cream, white & gold buttons.

More of my Beatrix Potter collection.

My favorite decorating magazines.
Ribbon, vintage greeting cards, my grandmother's paint box, and lots more!
Gorgeous shabby aqua desk I got at a garge sale for 10 dollars!
Thanks for stopping by my studio! Hopefully, now that it is a fairly well organized and an enjoyable place to be in, I will spend more time creating and bringing my customers more beautiful and romantic items!
If you have an attractive studio that you would like to show off, send me some pics, and I'll post them here for all to see!