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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Studio Make Over

After avoiding my studio for several months due to its haphazard state...I finally spent about a week cleaning it out, organizing, and rearranging it. Now, I finally have a place to sit down and create in once again. My husband can once again enjoy utilizing the dining table for eating!
Here are some pics of my new space:

Lots of storage and my grandmother's art desk.

My grandmother's paint pallette (she was an artist too!) decorated with a pink hobnail frame, dried pink roses, and vintage rose print. A white plume pen sits below.

Work Area

I love French artists the most, and this book is a fabulous vintage find...a school project of some sort, from the early 1900's, handwritten in beautiful penmanship are descriptions of famous artists.

Vintage sewing boxes and supplies along with my Beatrix Potter collection mixed in.

Tiny treasures. I love crystal prisms!

A shabby chic lamp decorated with roses, pearls and a pew cone from my wedding.

Collection of wine bottle corks.

Vintage cream, white & gold buttons.

More of my Beatrix Potter collection.

My favorite decorating magazines.
Ribbon, vintage greeting cards, my grandmother's paint box, and lots more!
Gorgeous shabby aqua desk I got at a garge sale for 10 dollars!
Thanks for stopping by my studio! Hopefully, now that it is a fairly well organized and an enjoyable place to be in, I will spend more time creating and bringing my customers more beautiful and romantic items!
If you have an attractive studio that you would like to show off, send me some pics, and I'll post them here for all to see!


Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

I adore your work space. My hubby is refinishing a cupboard for me to start with to keep my supplies in. The dilemma is where in the hosue do you put the space? Thx for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am SO JEALEOUS!!! I have a room/loft that I have been working on for a sewing/craft area and I just simply cannot seem to get it to flow or look like I have invisioned it to. Yours looks awesome... How long did it take? I think mine is maybe a lil too big, lol, oh well more to have to buy but to get it cozy is the task at hand... Great Job!!!


Shelley said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! :)

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

OH my gosh!!! It looks so beautiful!!!! I love everything you have done...each picture is perfection! I am going to have to look at these again...just too pretty!xoxo Heather

p.s. thanks for your comments on my blog and glad you liked your goodies!

Lynn said...

Wow, I love it all :) I have just turned the computer room into a room just for my sewing and crafts, but I am not all done yet. I should post some pics on my new blog, come visit if you have time :)

The Feathered Nest said...

What a gorgeous studio! I love everything ~ what an inspiring place to create...Isn't it amazing how when we straighten it up we want to get busy and create something? xxoo, Dawn

kimsherrod said...

what a gorgeous workspace! I love it! The ribbon in the sewing table drawers is great! Your Grandmother's paint box is an awesome treasure as well. Thanks for the tour!

Girl About Town said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, just browsing at the moment, but wanted to say what a pretty and inspiring work space you have! I especially love how you have used your Grandmas things as part of your special place. I am very lucky in that I have a whole sunroom to work in, but it's in dire need of renovation!! Your lovely studio has certainly inspired me to do something with mine! Wonderful blog btw!