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Friday, September 28, 2007

A Very Vintage Halloween

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. In fact, for years, I was adamantly against it! I won't get into all of the church politics behind my views back then...but suffice it to say my mind was opened about two years ago, when I stepped into a new church. Valley Community Church is a small congregation located in Hemlock, NY. Everyone is extremely laid the point that, at first, I was uncomfortable in the environment...was this place even reverent?

One day, early on in my visits, the pastor, Bill Moody (a man who frequently where's T-shirts while preaching), wrote on the chalk board (church services take place in a small old classroom) three things (only one of which I remember now...sorry Bill!). The first and only one I recall was "Halloween." He pointed to the word on the board and said, "Give the kids candy...that's what they want." It was short, simple, and sweet.

That's really all it took to get my mind a turnin'. Really? Give the kids candy? Don't turn your lights off and pretend you aren't home? Don't tell everyone you know how much you can't stand this awful holiday? Don't preach to them and tell them about Jesus or how they are sinners and are going to hell if they don't believe (ok ok I am being a bit dramatic...but we all know people like this, unfortunately). Just give the kids candy. Just love them. Just treat them how Jesus would, were he living here with us today. What would he do? My guess...and keep in's just a guess...but maybe...just our shock and amazement...he would do just that. Give the kids candy.

I have a completely different view about Halloween these days...and, therefore, don't get all uptight when I see houses covered in cobwebs and light up witches on broomsticks. In fact, I have even begun a little Halloween decorating of my own. Now, I still don't go for the blow up pumpkins and skull heads hanging from the porch. I prefer to decorate to my own taste...a little whimsical...a little vintage...and, hopefully, a lot creative. Here are some of my latest creations. I love paper cone decorations, which inspired me to make some cute, vintage-style altered art assemblages. Let me know what you think! And if any of you have some creative Halloween decorations send me some pics...I would love to see!

Both cone assemblages are currently up for auction in my eBay store! Check them out!

Be sure to check out my current Paper Bag Album as well!

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Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Adorable Alice! I love the little children you chose for the cones too. They look so cute and your style is definatly beautiful and creative!

Heather :)

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Alice!
I'm with Heather, your style is creative and beautiful. I'm not a Haloween fan, not for any reason other than I am not into the colours and it isn't made a big deal of here in Australia. It's like 'oh is it Haloween today? are you sure it's today?', it's the 31st October right? Anyway, I do love reading about it and checking out everyone's creations and I have to say that I love your take on it and that broomstick ride cone is so sweet!

And I love your story... give the kids candy, that's what they want. How true! Short and sweet!
Sending you an email back now


Secondhandrose said...

Wow, I am so glad I found you're blog. I am just getting into altered art myself. So fun! Would you like to exchange blog links? Come for a visit.