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Monday, October 29, 2007

We're Moving!!!

It seems like such a long time coming! Even though we have only lived in our one-bedroom apartment for just over a year, it feels like so much longer. I currently use about 1/3 of the living room for my studio which makes for many a messy days! I am so excited that we are finally upgrading to a townhouse, down the road, with an extra bedroom and much more square footage. Now, my studio will actually be the master bedroom! Hopefully, the house will now be much tidier, and I will feel a whole lot saner (some of the time anyway!)
Even though the chore of moving can be quite a BIG PAIN...I am so excited to finally get going and have a whole new canvas for decorating. This, after all, is my first passion. I absolutely love deciding which paint colors and techniques to use for each room...and choosing which furniture and accessories will go where. I love expressing who I am and displaying what I love most with my surroundings. So much so, that even in the process of moving, I took a break today to photograph some decorating vignettes...strewn throughout this post. You can view more of these photos by visiting my Flickr page.
There is LOTS to do ahead for my husband and for all of my new & returning customers, please take note that all orders processed after Oct. 28th (yesterday) will be delayed for a couple of weeks due to the move. Once we get settled, and get our computer and internet connection back up, things should start running smoothly. I look forward to the break...but also the I will be introducing many new products...lots of lovely vintage finds...and a ***BRAND NEW*** WEBSITE DESIGN!!! I can't wait to reveal my latest creation and I look forward to your feedback!

Here is a sneak peak of the design to come:

Be back after the move!


Natasha Burns said...

Congrats on the move to a bigger place Alice! You won't know yourself. Good luck with it, and loving the sneak peek of the new web design. Those pumpkins are so lovely in that colour too

Bethany said...

Oh BIG congrats to you girl!! I'm so glad for you and excited to see pics of your new place...which I'm sure will be just as gorgeously decorated as your last home!..Take the time you need to settle in and get it all set up ....esp. in your new soon-to-be-studio :)