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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My First EVER Swap and some new sugared goodies...

This was the first swap that I have ever been involved in. I have heard about them...and seen many of the lovely creations people make for them through blogs and Flickr...but never really knew what the deal was. Then one day, the lovely Kerryanne from, Woodberry Designs invited me to join in her "Handmade Ornament Swap." I was thrilled and jumped at the chance. I found my swapping partner's blog asap, to get a feel for her personality and interests...and it turns out we have a ton in common! Shannon Thompson of Paint Mine Pink loves all things girly, pink and glittery...just like me! So I decided to created some shabby pretty ornaments for her to decorate her home with (all the way over in Australia!).

I made her a shabby chic, vintage-inspired tussie mussie with a paper "Snow Angel" baby. I used decorative paper to wrap the cone and embellished it with lots of pretty things. The "angel's" wings are made of vintage sheet music and have been covered with German cut-glass glitter...very sparkly! I also added vintage ribbons and lace as well as a small millinery rose bud.

I hope that Shannon enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating it for her!

When I was finished, I still had all my supplies out and thought it would be fun to throw in a little "extra," so I made her this paper ornament:

I used the same vintage sheet music (again covered in cut-glass glitter) and another rosebud. I like it so much that I think I am going to make a few more for my own holiday decor!

I also added two new items to my shop today! If you love faux treats and fruit, you are sure to enjoy these! I purchased faux pears and pomegranates (to go with the season) and delicately covered each one in my German cut-glass glitter (I can't get enough of this stuff!).

These "sugary" fruits are available on my website now, so hurry and get them before they run out! The strawberries I had sold in an instant!
And I still have a surprise to announce....soon....;) But I shall continue to keep the suspense going...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Prom To Remember...

Tonight, I am going to Natasha's Virtual Prom!!! I have been so anxiously awaiting this evening all week...and window shopping for a new dress to wear.
I love this one and pink is my favorite color:

I couldn't resist bringing it home!

(with a little help from looks perfect for twirling...and reminds me of a Natasha painting!)

And both of these pairs of shoes would go prefectly with it! Oh how to choose?!!! And I love the purse too!!!

But these ones are my favorite...I think I'll take these in a 5 1/2 please!
My sister-in-law, Becky, came over to do my hair:
And I couldn't resist wearing my own tiara: The finishing touches:
Classic favorite!
Oh...I hear the doorbell ringing! It must be my date! Doesn't he look handsome!

And he brought me this beautiful corsage!
Well we are off...I am fashionably late as usual!

He asks me to dance...they are playing our song, by Etta James..."At Last..."

I wonder what he's thinking about? I hope he likes me...because I sure like him!He better not be thinking about her:

Everyone's lining up!!! We better join in! Uh oh...things are getting a little too hot and heavy in here! Must be all the punch!
Well, what can I say...we had such a good time at the prom together, that we decided to run off and get married! (sorry Grace....he's all mine!)
And we lived happily ever after...

Oh and a few months later we got this little bundle of know what that means! ;)

(only kidding of course...hehe!)

Hope you enjoyed my "virtual" night at the prom!!!

A Faded Rose Cottage Christmas


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Only a few weeks before the big day!!! I am shocked by how much faster Christmas seems to approach with each passing year. It seems to creep up on me so suddenly now...where as when I was seemed to take forever to get here! If only I could go back to those days now!

Well, in spite of still being in the middle of a really big move, I made a special point today, to get some holiday items up on my website. I have found so many lovely treasures along my summer and fall shopping would be a shame to have to wait till next year to offer them!

I have more that I hope to get up within the next few days...but with Thanksgiving on Thursday...and my parents, in-laws, sister and sisters-in-law all coming over...who knows? Hopefully, somewhere during the 18 hours I am up everyday (at least that's how it seems!), I will find the time to put up some more cute things.

Here are some that are currently available:

A romantic holiday wreath, painted and embellished by yours truly...I almost want to keep it for myself!

I am currently in love with anything with cut-glass glitter...look for my own creations to start being embellished with them!

Vintage Cut-Glass Glitter Ornament:How adorable are these? I love that they included the little dog!

I also am in love with vinage Christmas ball ornaments like these (I have more listed too!): And how cute is this vintage lamb ornament? I love the pink bow!
Delicious faux sugared strawberries to decorate your holiday table:
Ivory Brocade Stocking...that I embellished with vintage accoutrements (crushed velvet rose and ribbon!):
Although not technically a Christmas decoration...I think it would fit in beautifully! I love the spotted feathers so much!
How cute would this cabbage rose bell be in a romantic holiday vignette?

I have several more items to list (as mentioned above), including more vintage ornaments, vintage coats, scarves, hats, and mittens for women, men, and children! Look for those soon!

I am also planning a special surprise for New Years for all my blog and website visitors, which I will announce later in the check back...hehe...have to keep you in suspense for now...

Make sure to Mark December 12th on your calender if you want to see what we love here about our "Holiday Home." Karla of Karla's Cottage is hosting another party and this time we will be there! As soon as I get cleaned up from our Thanksgiving feast, I plan on breaking out all the Christmas goodies and going crazy with it all! Can't wait!

And don't forget to head over to Natasha's's really rockin', and I will be there soon! Need to get my beauty sleep first...this must be the longest prom in history!

Finally...for the sale details!!! As a gift from our cottage to yours...we will be hosting a Holiday Sale! Receive 15% off all orders of $25.00 from now until Christmas Day!!! Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vignette of the Moment: November 18, 2007

I am so happy to announce my current "Vignette of the Moment." It comes from Heather, of Pretty Petals', home office/studio. Heather is one of the first "internet" friends that I ever made, when we exchanged website links...we later went on to buy crafting supplies and goodies from each others' shops. I make a point to visit Heather's shop and blog at least once a week to see her new pretty items and creations. She is so talented and has such a beautiful sense of style...I can't get enough! I am sure you will be thrilled to see this latest vignette. Come check it out when you get a chance!

Here is a glimpse:

A Virtual Vintage Prom

How exciting!!! When I found out Natasha was hosting a virtual vintage prom this Tuesday, I must admit I was quite many thoughts went through my head...a virtual prom?...should I dress up?...who else will be "attending"...?
I had several...shall we say...not so great...prom experiences in high school that the idea of a prom doesn't thrill me as it once did, before I was tainted by the bad ones. I am eager for this Tuesday...however. You can sign me up for anything, where I get to wear something cute and vintage...and don't have to be worried about standing by the wall...or waiting for my date to stop acting like he's five years old...
Yay for Natasha's Virtual you all there!
Natasha will be starting the prom fun "on Tuesday 20th November Australian time, and run it through for a good 24-48 hours so everyone around the world can get in on the act!"
Be sure to stop by her blog for all the details!

Friday, November 16, 2007

A Website & Blog Make Over

One problem with being a graphic artist and web designer, is that after awhile, I get bored of the same old look. I have had the same design for quite a few months now...but right before my husband and I got ready to move to our new home, I thought it would be fun to create a new look for my site. This design is still in the works...but the main graphics are currently up.

Another problem I have, is that when I change one thing...I then want to change everything else too...including my blog! So you may notice that I have created an new look for my Romantic Thoughts. I am in love with this new design. It features several of my own photographs...which I have been obsessed with taking as of late. This design features my absolute favorite teacup (above) and the lace and flower from the photo below. I hope to create several new graphic designs including my photos in the near future.

Since we just moved in to our new home last week...I thought you might get a kick out of seeing where I worked on these new designs:

I finally decided on which desk to put in my new I am currently in an actual seat at an acutal longer working on the floor!

I hope that you enjoy the new look of both my website and blog...and I would LOVE to get your feedback on the designs!