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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My First EVER Swap and some new sugared goodies...

This was the first swap that I have ever been involved in. I have heard about them...and seen many of the lovely creations people make for them through blogs and Flickr...but never really knew what the deal was. Then one day, the lovely Kerryanne from, Woodberry Designs invited me to join in her "Handmade Ornament Swap." I was thrilled and jumped at the chance. I found my swapping partner's blog asap, to get a feel for her personality and interests...and it turns out we have a ton in common! Shannon Thompson of Paint Mine Pink loves all things girly, pink and glittery...just like me! So I decided to created some shabby pretty ornaments for her to decorate her home with (all the way over in Australia!).

I made her a shabby chic, vintage-inspired tussie mussie with a paper "Snow Angel" baby. I used decorative paper to wrap the cone and embellished it with lots of pretty things. The "angel's" wings are made of vintage sheet music and have been covered with German cut-glass glitter...very sparkly! I also added vintage ribbons and lace as well as a small millinery rose bud.

I hope that Shannon enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating it for her!

When I was finished, I still had all my supplies out and thought it would be fun to throw in a little "extra," so I made her this paper ornament:

I used the same vintage sheet music (again covered in cut-glass glitter) and another rosebud. I like it so much that I think I am going to make a few more for my own holiday decor!

I also added two new items to my shop today! If you love faux treats and fruit, you are sure to enjoy these! I purchased faux pears and pomegranates (to go with the season) and delicately covered each one in my German cut-glass glitter (I can't get enough of this stuff!).

These "sugary" fruits are available on my website now, so hurry and get them before they run out! The strawberries I had sold in an instant!
And I still have a surprise to announce....soon....;) But I shall continue to keep the suspense going...


sonia said...

the tussy is great! Love it. Hope to make some myself.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Love your gorgeous Christmas cone did such a beautiful job! You will be hooked on swapping in no time. :)


Kerryanne English said...

Hi Alice,
You have done a wonderful job on your swap piece. I'm sure Shannon will looove it!!!

tamy said...

Your creations are truly delightful, your swap partner is sooo lucky! I happened upon your blog and will be coming back for more!!
Happy Holidays!!

The Rose Room said...

Lovely tussy mussy, they make the best gifts:)

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Alice... eveything looks so lovely... I like particularly the sweet tussie mussies--you are very talented.

Thank you for stopping by my site the other day and for your tips on how to improve the look of my "not so pretty mirror". :)

Have a blessed night.


paula clare said...

Yours is a "flashback" to a simpler, more "Little Women" era (which reminds me...I've got to get that one out for viewing...AGAIN!)

I did an ornament swap on my blogsite too

...started it a bit late, but it was fun and I had a few brave souls who jumped in right away!

Sally L. Smith said...

Oh, Alice, I love the tussie mussie. Make some for the Creative Call Studios shop. I'm a merchant there. Your blog and website are so fun and I LOVE the shabby, sparkly pretties. The drawing sounds fun, too.
Sally aka Lydia's Lineage