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Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Virtual Vintage Prom

How exciting!!! When I found out Natasha was hosting a virtual vintage prom this Tuesday, I must admit I was quite many thoughts went through my head...a virtual prom?...should I dress up?...who else will be "attending"...?
I had several...shall we say...not so great...prom experiences in high school that the idea of a prom doesn't thrill me as it once did, before I was tainted by the bad ones. I am eager for this Tuesday...however. You can sign me up for anything, where I get to wear something cute and vintage...and don't have to be worried about standing by the wall...or waiting for my date to stop acting like he's five years old...
Yay for Natasha's Virtual you all there!
Natasha will be starting the prom fun "on Tuesday 20th November Australian time, and run it through for a good 24-48 hours so everyone around the world can get in on the act!"
Be sure to stop by her blog for all the details!

1 comment:

paula clare said...

I TOTALLY missed the invitation...but I am SO GLAD I got to vicariously live it through photos! Again, I believe it was an inspired idea...too cool!