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Monday, December 31, 2007

Ringing in the New Year!

I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! I hope that the year ahead is one of peace, love, inspiration and romance for you all!
Thanks to all of you who have offered advice on a name change for my business! Everyone's opinions have been so helpful for me. I am recording them in my journal, where I am jotting down all of my ideas. I have come up with some that I am considering...but not sure yet if I am going to stick with any. There are two that are top on the list..."Curious Alice" and "Alice W." The first is whimsical and interesting (I think)...the second is more simple...but is my name ;) and is how I sign all my artwork, letters, etc. I will be posting a poll to run this week with possible please give your is highly appreciated!!!
Have a happy and safe holiday everyone...and may your path be one of roses in the New Year!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A New Name?

So one word that has described me for most of my life is indecisive. I don't know why, but I have the hardest time making decisions...big or matter...I just can't make up my mind! I hem and haw...go over the pros and cons...and back again...ask everyone I know who will listen for their opinion...and anything else I can think of to put off making a decision. This comes to where to hang up a picture in my what should I wear to this/that my current question that I have been pondering for about a month now...

What should my business name be???

Ok...hear me out on business is still very new (my website is under a year old, even though it feels like much longer that I have had it!). When I first decided to "open" my own e-commerce site, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. I quickly picked a business name I thought I liked ("Alice's Looking Glass") and went with it....for a few months. I used variations of it a bit here and there over the next few months (including: "Alice's Looking Glass Studio" and then "Looking Glass Studio").

Then after about 4-5 months with those names...I did a complete overhaul of my site and the direction I wanted to go in...mainly choosing to focus on my first love...all things shabby and romantic ;). I spent days trying to think of a name that first of all wasn't taken (or so I thought!), and that fit with the "shabby chic" theme. I finally came up with...Faded Rose Cottage.

Well soon after changing my name...I stumbled upon an eBay seller going by the same name. She had been using this name long before I started, but I figured since she didn't have a website with the name, it would be okay. Then...later I came across another website "The Faded Rose"...a popular business that actually has two retail locations. So suffice it to I am feeling very "unoriginal." Neither of these businesses have ever contacted me in regards to my business name. This is just a personal decision to respect their work/businesses that I am choosing to change.

I know it is impossible to be completely different/unique with a business...ideas...products...are always being reworked...redone in a "new" way, etc. I just can't help but thinking, however, that I would really love to have a business that is truly my own. One that really represents who I am, what I love and what I have to offer.

Now here's the problem...a decision needs to be made *insert my disgruntled face here*. I would very much like to change my business name within the next couple of months to something that will hopefully stick with me for a long time. I have some ideas...but am still trying *desperately* to come up with something I love!

I would like the name to reflect all aspects of my web design/graphic work, my artwork, vintage & flea market finds, shabby cottage home decor items, etc. I would like the name to have a bit of whimsy...but not in a way that doesn't accurately represent me.

Perhaps I am making more of a big deal than is necessary...such is my nature! But I would sure appreciate any thoughts...advice...ideas...opinions you may have on the subject!

I plan on posting a poll soon with some names I am get some feedback on what everyone likes. I know I won't be able to please everyone no matter what I choose...I am just trying to make this HUGE decision a teensy bit easier for little ole' me!

Ok...enough rambling...onto some decorating fun!

I just posted a new "holiday" vignette from my home tonight! Many of you may have seen these photos if you have checked out my Flickr photos or viewed my "Holiday Home" blogs...but for those of you who haven't...head on over to check it out when you get a chance!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

and the winner is...

I had over 80 entries for my "Bonne Année" Giveaway! To be considered an "entrant" into the giveaway, you would have needed to post a comment on my blog or purchased an item from my website, after December 3rd. To pick a winner, I printed out each entrant's took six sheets total!

Susan Shirley and Paula Clare had the best odds! They were each entered several times...Susan purchased lots of holiday items from my website, and Paula Clare posted several comments on my blog! Thanks to both of you!
I cut up each entrant's name, folded them and put them in a basket...
My husband, Josh, was super excited to pick the winner. I blindfolded him just to be fair!
drum roll please...
The very lovely, Julie, from Fabulous Finds Studio! Congrats Julie! I hope that you enjoy all of the lovely goodies and have a fantastic and fabulous New Year's! Thank you again to everyone who participated...and look for more fun giveaway's from us in the future!

In other news...I've been doing TONS of baking lately...and have been obsessed with chocolate covered "anythings"...including almond and pretzel clusters! I put toffee on some of the pretzel clusters...
I visited my sister, Angela's home the other night to see her holiday decor. Angela is 23 and actually only lives 2 houses down from me...which is so much fun! We are so alike in so many ways...but COMPLETE opposites when it comes to decorating! Angela prefers anything new, modern, dark brown, or black. She prefers simplicity to clutter (I wish I could get some of this trait...but it just doesn't work for me...I love my things too much!).

This is her first year of having her own tree, so she purchased everything new: I loved this little penguin she got at Pier One...part of their "Woodland Creatures," she said.
Another difference between us is that Angela is not a procrastinator like me ;) She already has most of her gifts wrapped up nicely under her tree. I haven't even gotten one thing yet if you can believe it! I guess I need more "pressure" (like Christmas Eve or something?)...haha!
Well...I hoped you enjoyed seeing who won our giveaway and taking a trip to my sister's home! Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My 26th Birthday and Our "Holiday Home" Part II

On Saturday, December 15th, I turned 26!!!! It was a fabulous day! I had so much fun, I wanted to share it with all of you! First, my mother came over and brought me lots of great things she purchased for me at an auction (pictures coming soon!) including a pink depression glass vase, a decorative cherub plate, an antique white Christening gown and other trinkets and treasures that I love! She always knows EXACTLY what I would want!
My husband Joshua made me a delicious breakfast...and then we headed over to my dad and step-mother's home for a birthday "party!" They have four kids (aged 14 to 4)...technically my "half" siblings...but I have never thought of them that way. They are 100% whole to me! I love them to death and they threw me the "funnest" birthday party ever!!!
There were lots of fun decorations and party toys!
They insisted I were a "Disney Princess" tiara (the theme of my party!):
and they also insisted Josh wear one (he'd kill me if he ever saw this...but I am pretty sure he doesn't do much "blog surfing" so I think we are safe ;)
Disney Princess Streamers:
Cards made by my three brothers and little sister, Destiney (her's is the purple one):
This is me "in my apartment" she said...and the inside...
Ezra (9) and the super cool Malachi (14)...he went along with the Princess theme...what a sweet brother ;)
Birthday Brownies! My fav!
My favorite moment of the day...near the end of the party, Destiney brought this out to me (she wrapped and tied it herself):
and this is what was inside:
she even said that I could "keep them for real!" Brought tears to my eyes!
Here I am wearing them! Isn't she the cutest thing! I love having a four year old sister!
Me and the all the sibs (Malachi is off to the far left, Destiney, Jaron, Me and Ezra)
When I got home, Josh had some other fun surprises for me:
Pink Roses...another fav!

and some home/garden mags (isn't he too sweet!):
and....a little late but worth the wait!!!! A package arrived today from Australia...I guessed right away...,"Is it from Natasha Burns???!!!"...he couldn't keep a straight face, so I knew it was! He knows how much I love her he went online all by himself and ordered me this gorgeous clock, handpainted by Natasha herself! I feel so honored to own something of hers! It goes perfect in my French/Shabby Chic kicthen! Thanks Natasha!
And now for Part II of Karla's "What I love About My Holiday Home" Party:

I made all three of our stockings myself (I've been calling them "Papa, Mama and Baby Bear's":
Josh's (Papa Bear) Mine (Mama Bear):
and of course...Renoir's (Baby Bear)!
A bird's eye view of our living room:
Renoir napping as the snow falls outside:
All my pretty ornaments from Shannon!
The coffee table:

a mini tree I decorated with vintage jewelry:Watching the snow fall...
I love these pink and white beaded bouquets...
I have old books opened to Christmas/winter stories and poems:
I love this vintage Victorian Trade Card:
An old Bible open to Luke's version of Christ's birth (my favorite):

I found this little shepherd boy at a sale and think is just the cutest thing!
Two Turtle Doves:
And now...for OUR TREE!!!
Those are feathers on top!
I used lots of flowers on our tree this year:and beads and lace and trim...vintage and new balls....
gold glittered finds...
It has a very "Victorian" look this year....
we put her in a huge urn that we painted white:
Now Renoir can't drink her water! (He did that all the time last year!!!)

I hope that you enjoyed viewing my day of turning the "big 26"and more of my holiday home! If you can believe it...I still have more to show! I decorated the front of our hose with pretty decorations and lights...I'll post more of our home soon! If you made it all the way to the bottom of this post...thanks for sticking through ALL the photos! I know it was a ton! Have a beautiful week! And look for the winner of my Bonne Annee Giveaway to be announced within the next couple of days!!!