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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My 26th Birthday and Our "Holiday Home" Part II

On Saturday, December 15th, I turned 26!!!! It was a fabulous day! I had so much fun, I wanted to share it with all of you! First, my mother came over and brought me lots of great things she purchased for me at an auction (pictures coming soon!) including a pink depression glass vase, a decorative cherub plate, an antique white Christening gown and other trinkets and treasures that I love! She always knows EXACTLY what I would want!
My husband Joshua made me a delicious breakfast...and then we headed over to my dad and step-mother's home for a birthday "party!" They have four kids (aged 14 to 4)...technically my "half" siblings...but I have never thought of them that way. They are 100% whole to me! I love them to death and they threw me the "funnest" birthday party ever!!!
There were lots of fun decorations and party toys!
They insisted I were a "Disney Princess" tiara (the theme of my party!):
and they also insisted Josh wear one (he'd kill me if he ever saw this...but I am pretty sure he doesn't do much "blog surfing" so I think we are safe ;)
Disney Princess Streamers:
Cards made by my three brothers and little sister, Destiney (her's is the purple one):
This is me "in my apartment" she said...and the inside...
Ezra (9) and the super cool Malachi (14)...he went along with the Princess theme...what a sweet brother ;)
Birthday Brownies! My fav!
My favorite moment of the day...near the end of the party, Destiney brought this out to me (she wrapped and tied it herself):
and this is what was inside:
she even said that I could "keep them for real!" Brought tears to my eyes!
Here I am wearing them! Isn't she the cutest thing! I love having a four year old sister!
Me and the all the sibs (Malachi is off to the far left, Destiney, Jaron, Me and Ezra)
When I got home, Josh had some other fun surprises for me:
Pink Roses...another fav!

and some home/garden mags (isn't he too sweet!):
and....a little late but worth the wait!!!! A package arrived today from Australia...I guessed right away...,"Is it from Natasha Burns???!!!"...he couldn't keep a straight face, so I knew it was! He knows how much I love her he went online all by himself and ordered me this gorgeous clock, handpainted by Natasha herself! I feel so honored to own something of hers! It goes perfect in my French/Shabby Chic kicthen! Thanks Natasha!
And now for Part II of Karla's "What I love About My Holiday Home" Party:

I made all three of our stockings myself (I've been calling them "Papa, Mama and Baby Bear's":
Josh's (Papa Bear) Mine (Mama Bear):
and of course...Renoir's (Baby Bear)!
A bird's eye view of our living room:
Renoir napping as the snow falls outside:
All my pretty ornaments from Shannon!
The coffee table:

a mini tree I decorated with vintage jewelry:Watching the snow fall...
I love these pink and white beaded bouquets...
I have old books opened to Christmas/winter stories and poems:
I love this vintage Victorian Trade Card:
An old Bible open to Luke's version of Christ's birth (my favorite):

I found this little shepherd boy at a sale and think is just the cutest thing!
Two Turtle Doves:
And now...for OUR TREE!!!
Those are feathers on top!
I used lots of flowers on our tree this year:and beads and lace and trim...vintage and new balls....
gold glittered finds...
It has a very "Victorian" look this year....
we put her in a huge urn that we painted white:
Now Renoir can't drink her water! (He did that all the time last year!!!)

I hope that you enjoyed viewing my day of turning the "big 26"and more of my holiday home! If you can believe it...I still have more to show! I decorated the front of our hose with pretty decorations and lights...I'll post more of our home soon! If you made it all the way to the bottom of this post...thanks for sticking through ALL the photos! I know it was a ton! Have a beautiful week! And look for the winner of my Bonne Annee Giveaway to be announced within the next couple of days!!!


The Rose Room said...

Happy Birthday Alice. You and your little sister, just GORGEOUS, love her card and love how you are allowed to keep the present - for real!!! I have a 4 year old Princess so relate:)

Natasha Burns said...

Happy Birthday Alice!! Glad you like the clock! I didn't know if it was a surprise for you or not, lol, so didn't say anything to you just in case.
Your siblings are so sweet, love how Josh wore the tiara too, how cute you both are!
Oh and your home??? WOW!!! it's so beautiful beyond words. I love your decorating style, you have it just right. Love the snow watching, it's amazing to think it's snowing there now and here it's after 11pm and I'm still in a t-shirt and skirt with sandals on!

Vintage Tea said...

Happy birthday!

Thank you for the pictures of you home, it looks beautiful.

Best Wishes


The Feathered Nest said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! And I love that photo of you and your husband with tiaras, too!!! It looks like you have a wonderful day ~ wishing you many many more....xxoo, Dawn

Dolly said...

Happy Happy Birthday Alice!!!!
It looks like you had the best birthday ever!

I am ohing and ahing over all your christmas tresures....your home is beeeeeeutiful!
Thank you for shareing it with all of us!

Hugz, Dolly

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Alice!! What a wonderful super fun birthday you had!!!! A beautiful family you all have and you can see such love among you all. :)

Love Love your house!! It is breathtaking and needs to be in a magazine! xoxo Heather

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Looks like fun!! :)

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

Oh what a happy Day!! You are so adorable,your home is just beautiful!! You have to make note cards with some of those pics, like your puppy in the window, so sweet....Thanks for sharing your special day! Hugs, Kimberly

NAME: CIELO said...

Your house is so beautiful, and so are you.


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Oh my goodness !!! What a fun post ~ I just love your birthday pics and also your home ~ it is gorgeous !!!

Antique Paperie said...

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Princess
Happy Birthday to You!!!

Alice - the photos of the birthday are so much fun - and you look so gorgeous. Love the crown on your Hubby. Now, That is priceless!!!

I just adore the photos that you are doing of your home - and Vintage Book Photos are my faves - I just love that you add flowers & tags or cards in the centers to make it look so complete - Vintage, with a Modern Twist. Happy Holidays!!
xo Sherri

Vintage Junkie said...

I luv the pic of your livingroom and lil renoir sitting there peeking out of the window at the snow, soooo sweet! Where did you find the pleated slipcover thats on the chair if you don't mind me asking... And your coffee table is devine!

Moanna said...

First time visiting your blog, came here from Sweet Annee's blog.

I love your style, love all of your photos. Especially love the bird's eye view of your living room with the doggie looking out the window at the snow. Really like the feminine slip cover on that chair, with the gathered fabric. Might have to try doing that someday.

Wish I'd seen this before Christmas but I'll remember it for decorating next year!