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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

French at Heart...

Ever since the first time I read Madeline as a little girl, I dreamed of living in France. I was enamoured by the language, history and sheer beauty of the country. This love has continued throughout my life and grew immensly during the four years of high school that I studied the language. Although, I have never been to the country...I know I love it. And even though my initial love began in Paris...once I learned about the charming love moved southward. What I wouldn't give to move to the French country...

At this point in my life, since moving across the ocean and settling into a country I have never been to, is not in the cards, I am hoping to incorporate my love for the Provencial way of life into my small townhouse here in Western, New York. I have gathered a collection of photos from some of my favorite websites featuring the "antique French" look I am attempting to achieve in my own home. The look is one of aged elegance and beauty. I envision a creamy palette of whites, punctuated with antique crystal chandeliers, cane back chairs, weathered garden urns & statues, layers of vintage linens, down filled pillows & cushions and chippy wood furnishings. The following photos are just a sample that are serving to inspire me on this journey...

From Bountiful:
(Where Rachel Ashwell herself loves to shop! Lots of lovely eye candy on this site if you can't make the trip):
From Pom Pom Interiors (I discovered this site in the recent issue of Romantic Country):
The Curious Sofa is such a fabulous site to visit...I would desperately love to go visit their store! And they have a gorgeous website design!
Not sure where I found this image of a an antique sofa illustration, but I love it! I have plans to frame several similar illustrations and put them in my living room and dining room.
I found this sofa and chair set for sale at Beekeeper's Cottage while perusing for antique seating:
Some fabulous French Toile wallpapers...I love unusual or different toile patterns in muted shades:
I hope you enjoyed my little collection of inspiration from around the web. Some other sources that are inspiring me include Tongue in Cheek...a blog by an American woman (Corey Amaro) who has made her home in France (and it is to die for!) and Kristen Espinasse's blog & book French Word A Day.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grand Opening & Creme Brulee...

It's finally here! The grand opening of my new website Painted White!!! I have spent many late nights perfecting my new design painstakingly adding lots of unique details! I hope that you all get a chance to get over there today to see the new "digs" and check everything out. Please let me know what you think!

In honor of the occasion and to start things off with a bang, I am offering my second giveaway! I am calling this one the "Creme Brulee Grand Opening Giveaway." Every purchase you make on our site, from now until February 9th, automatically enters you into the contest. You can also participate by posting a comment in our guestbook on the new site (please include an email address where you can be notified if you are the lucky winner!).

I have gathered a collection of white on ivory on cream on gold favorite shades to decorate my home! There are two "Creme Brulee" products (bath salts and a scented candle) that gave me the inspiration for the giveaway name. I think it is the perfect description of the colors you will find too!
The winner will receive lots of beautiful products including hand painted items and vintage finds!
I love the gold detail on the handle of this teacup that is included...
A handmade paper greeting card made by moi!
The scent of this candle is to die me!

I even tucked in some vintage eyelet trim and a collection of white, ivory and cream buttons (vintage of course!).
A seashell from my artist grandmother's collection!

Please Note: You will not be entered into the giveaway by posting comments on my blog.

Good luck to everyone who participates! I look forward to getting your feeback on my new site!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trip to the Art Museum...and other excitements...

My younger sister, Angela, attends college in Buffalo...which is about an hour away from where we live. She desperately wanted me to make the long drive with her when she went to by next semester's books...and thought she would sweeten the deal by throwing in a trip to an art museum. This is usually a good way to win me over ;)! I absolutely love to trips to museums...especially any that have impressionist and post-impressionist works...which I knew that the Albright-Knox had.

So on Thursday afternoon the two of us drove out for the excursion. It's true what they say about the cold Buffalo weather...we had to do some walking to get to the museum from her college...and brrrrrr...was it cold!!! I should have opted for the heavier winter jacket to the more fashionable tweed peacoat. Next time. As soon as we entered the gallery I was immediately captivated. I saw works from one of my favorite painters (and name of my next puppy...whom shall come along when Renoir is a bit older I think ;)...Matisse.

These works lined the hall...I love his simplicity and use of color:
I am also attracted to the ornate frames that hold many of the paintings. The amazing detail is a work of art in and of itself! (I apologize for the blurry photographs in this post...flash is not allowed in the museum and I unfortunately did not bring the my rather unsteady hand was all the support I had for the day!). I can't help but picture these frames in my own home...painted white of course!These next two immediately reminded me of my sister and I knew they would strike her fancy...which of course...they did...ultra modern:
Those are all tiny mirrors on strings so they move back and forth:
This was more up my alley...I want to jump right into this interior...isn't it so charming?
A Picasso:
Another of my sister's fav's:
The room made of all mirrors...there is actually a desk and chair inside that are made of mirrors too...oh and yes that's me!
A light display on the floor that altered and changed:
Downstairs, one of the current exhibits, "In the City: Works on Paper from the Collection," was held.
I found this one particularly enjoyable...especially because it looked like a quaint old town where I would enjoy living:
My absolute favorite place in the WHOLE world...Washington Square Park in NYC:
I thought this was one was cute...especially the little dog that reminded me of Renoir:

After we went through the other special exhibits (where photos were not allowed), we made our way back to the main floor. There were several more paintings from the early 1900's (my favorite era). The colors of this one captivated me:
And of course...I cannot resist a Monet!
A lovely work from Van Gogh:
I always find Toulouse Lautrec's work to be so intriguing and whimsical:
And a large Matisse...was right near the end of our trip through. I just stood and stared for awhile.

The simplicity and boldness of his color choices always move me.
I was truly inspired after my trip to the Albright-Knox. I cannot wait until I can get this darn studio of mine cleaned up so I can start doing some paintings of my own! I have so many ideas swirling in my head and can't wait to put them down on canvas!

Other happenings around here...I received my FIRST ever blogging award!!! The lovely and sweet Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique gave me the "You Make My Day Award" which I was thrilled to receive! I have decided to pass this honor on to Shana from Crossroads Cottage. She certainly made my day with her post about the opening of my new site!!! And I always find something interesting on her blog and website! Love her!

And some big FIRST article has been published! It is in Somerset Wedding Vol. IV. I actually have not seen it yet (it comes out Feb. 1st), but Lennea from Creative Call Studios sent me a congratulations email after she got her mag and saw the article. I can't wait to see my work in print! How exciting!