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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grand Opening & Creme Brulee...

It's finally here! The grand opening of my new website Painted White!!! I have spent many late nights perfecting my new design painstakingly adding lots of unique details! I hope that you all get a chance to get over there today to see the new "digs" and check everything out. Please let me know what you think!

In honor of the occasion and to start things off with a bang, I am offering my second giveaway! I am calling this one the "Creme Brulee Grand Opening Giveaway." Every purchase you make on our site, from now until February 9th, automatically enters you into the contest. You can also participate by posting a comment in our guestbook on the new site (please include an email address where you can be notified if you are the lucky winner!).

I have gathered a collection of white on ivory on cream on gold favorite shades to decorate my home! There are two "Creme Brulee" products (bath salts and a scented candle) that gave me the inspiration for the giveaway name. I think it is the perfect description of the colors you will find too!
The winner will receive lots of beautiful products including hand painted items and vintage finds!
I love the gold detail on the handle of this teacup that is included...
A handmade paper greeting card made by moi!
The scent of this candle is to die me!

I even tucked in some vintage eyelet trim and a collection of white, ivory and cream buttons (vintage of course!).
A seashell from my artist grandmother's collection!

Please Note: You will not be entered into the giveaway by posting comments on my blog.

Good luck to everyone who participates! I look forward to getting your feeback on my new site!


Shana said...

Creme Brulee. Mmmmmmmm. I realize the items in your give away aren't edible, but just the thought of them is making my mouth water for the yummy dessert - and it's only 7am. :-) Anyway, once again congrats on your Grand Opening. Everything is beautiful, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful blog Alice! Love all the dreamy colors.

miss gracies house said...

Everything is just lovely over at Painted White! You have been working hard!
warmest wishes,

claudia said...

Hi Alice, just wanted to tell you that your new site is so beautiful. What amazing graphics! wonderful work! .. the best colors and designs! ! Painted White..I love the name too. I really enjoy your romantic blog and will keep in touch. Best of luck with it all, and God bless.. claudia@rockspringcottage

Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

I'm heading there now Alice! I am so excited to see what you have been up to. Congratulations on your grand opening and many wishes for much success!

NAME: CIELO said...

I love love your blog! Everything I see is so me! Your new blog is amazing! You certainly know what pleases the eye.

Have a perfect day my friend!


Alice W. said...

Thanks everyone! Your compliments and warm wishes make all the hard work worth it!

Michelle said...

Just love everything on your blog and web site! so much to drool over!

The Blissful said...

Hello, Alice!--

Just found my way to you from Antique Paperie's site. Congratulations on your brand new launch! How wonderful and exciting. :) I see from your favorites list that we share some of the same predilections--from Wonder Years reruns to White Oleander.

My blog for women entrepreneurs (especially shop owners), A Boutique Industry, will be re-launching with a brand new look within a week. Would love to have you stop by and check it out!

Wishing you all the best with your business in this New Year!


Kerryanne English said...

Hi Alice,
Congratulations on the beautiful new website and blog. It all looks so pretty....well done!!!

I look forward to visiting often.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Alice, yourr new look is fabulous!
Your website designs are really beautiful too!
Wishing you a blissful week :)

Kathy Maximo said...

Hi Alice, Kathy of Vintage Snaps and Scraps~
I am so much enjoying your blog, and your new site is wonderful. I hope you do not mind if I link to your blog, so I can visit often. Much luck to you...

Antique Paperie said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!
Painted White shows us the essence of who Alice Wingerden is. I love it dear - it's one of the most beautiful sites & blog on the internet in my opinion. Just beautiful!
I am off to purchase some more goodies from Painted White!!!
xo sweets - sher

SeattleSue said...

Bonjour Alice...I am so happy to have discovered your's gorgeous! I am a Francophile also & would love to be entered in your 'Creme Brule' giveaway! I have already added you to my favorites & look forward to 'visiting' you on a regular basis. Bonne Chance! Sue :)

Ann said...

This is one of the most beautiful blogs in blogland Alice...Would you please post the name of the music that is playing or email it to me...I just love is so relaxing. I visit your blog just to listen to it! Happy Sunday...Ann