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Friday, January 18, 2008

Heads Up Blogging Friends & Followers...

***UPDATE JANUARY 20th, 2008!!! The switch has been made!***
Along with my website changes comes one very IMPORTANT blogging change...I am going to be changing my blog url from fadedrosecottage.blogspot to --romanticthoughts is apparently already taken ;( ...thus the long name. So, for those of you who have exchanged blog links with me or added me to your blogroll...I would sooo appreciate if you would update my link after the change is made. I will be doing it the sooner the better! I understand what a pain it can be, so whenever you get to it really is fine. I just wanted to make sure everyone I let everyone know before I made the switch. Thanks everybody for your cooperation and help! I have been getting loads of compliments on the new site and new name, which is only serving to make me even more excited about the change! So thanks to all of you who have sent your warm wishes and sweet words my way! I really appreciate it!


Alison Gibbs said...

HI, I just tried to add your new one as a link to my google reader but it says there are no feeds. Will have to try later.

Alice W. said...

Thanks Alison...I haven't made the change yet...I wanted to wait a couple days to give everyone the heads up first that the change was coming. Probably within the next day or two I will be switching urls.

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Alice,
I will be sure to change the link when you have made the move.
By the way, I have given you an AWARD - check my blog.

mary ann said...

hi alice!

thanks for the heads up...i will be sure to change the url link on my blogroll...

love the new names of your sites!!

hope you are keeping's wicked subzero here!

mary ann xo