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Friday, January 4, 2008

Wrapping Up the Holidays!

I think my one of my very favorite things about the holiday season, is gift wrapping. Each year I try even harder than the last to come up with unique ideas for how to wrap gifts. This year my goal was to wrap as many gifts as I could without buying wrapping paper or store bought embellishments. I almost made it, but gave in to buying some brown paper wrapping for my last couple of gifts. I thought I would share some of my wrappings here...
These were handmade cards I made for my three sister-in-laws, using patterned papers, found images from magazines, and vintage buttons:

I love reds, oranges, blues and aquas together...
I seem to never be able to leave anything alone, so when I finished the cards, I decided to go even further by tying each with twine and adding vintage thread spools. I added vintage sheet music with each of the girls' names on them:

For my in-laws, I wrapped their larger gift in vintage wallpaper in lovely shades of pale blue, cream and peach. I wrapped several smaller gifts (esp. DVD's because they were the prefect size) in vintage sheet music. I tied up these gifts together with some pretty lace and embellished it with a pink cameo (that I included the chain to inside, so that my mother-in-law could wear it if she chose to).
I glued vintage buttons to the smaller gift.
For my father and step-mother, I made a handmade greeting card to go along with their gift, using another found image, buttons and other embellishments I had available.
For my sister Angela, who loves all things black, blue, modern and chic, I handmade this pair of earrings that I attached to paper from a catalog (from one of her favorite stores, White House Black Market) and added a black bow:
I wrapped the GPS that we got for her in blue and black houndstooth (her favorite pattern) fabric (she was quite thrilled with this gift!):
added some peacock feathers:
and I actually had black spools, which I found in my studio one day, so I added those too:
Her earrings were wrapped in black patterned paper that I embellished with black ribbon and a large grey button. I slipped in a cut-out image from the same magazine that said, "Capture that Joie de Vivre"...which I thought would be just perfect for her since she is the fashionista in our family:
Only a few gifts actually made it under the tree...and only for the sake of taking pictures (Renoir still eats everything he we don't risk it!):
I made each of my younger siblings a paper stocking. The older boys got ones made out of brown paper Hollister bags (where their gifts came from) embellished with hemp and "masculine" charms. I made the two younger ones' stockings out of scrapbook paper. Ezra's was an "elf shoe":
embellished with Scrabble tiles:
Destiney's was a ballet slipper, since she just joined dance this year:
I stayed up until 6am on Christmas Eve (I am such a procrastinator!) to wrap all of these gifts and make a bunch of holiday goodies for family members, including: cranberry-walnut bread, chocolate chunk cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and almond clusters, and sugar coated almonds. I wrapped up a basket for my step-dad and mom embellished with a vintage santa and handmade paper cone ornament:
I made these cookies on Christmas Eve, but was too tired to frost them, so my husband, Joshua did them on Christmas Day all by himself while he let me sleep! He's the sweetest ever!
I thoroughly enjoyed his creativity!
Although not wrapped...I thought I would share some of Renoir's Christmas gifts, including these adorable cookies we got at Target:
And his absolute favorite gift...this fabric doggie newspaper that has crinkle paper inside so it's noisy, which he loves and won't put down!
As for me..I received some beautiful new clothes from my sister, too many things to list from my mother (she still likes to pretend I am 10 years old and gives me wayyy to many things!), scrapbooking & art supplies from my in-laws, and gift cards for wal-mart and Marshall's...yay!
Joshua and I agreed to only fill each other's stockings this year to save money. I was delighted with what I found in mine...the new Keith Urban Greatest Hits cd (love him!) and the Marie Antoinette dvd! We also went out and bought all the seasons of the The Office as our gift to ourselves, since it's our favorite show! So...all in all, it was a wonderful Christmas, and I was truly blessed! I hope the same is true for all of you as well!


Vintage Tea said...

What lovely giftwrap ideas you came up with! I wouldn't have wanted to spoil it by unwrapping!

Best Wishes


Antique Paperie said...

Beautiful Alice!! Really very creative and fabulous. You are so unique and talented my friend! I adore the photo of Renoir with his Newspaper - so precious. I am glad you & Josh had a very nice and beautiful Christmas - I hope many lovely blessings surround you both for the New Year!
xoxo Sherri

rene said...

It looks like you really enjoyed the "details"-very pretty!

I LOVE the music you have playing now-a beautiful song-so mcuh meaning...

Shana said...

Your packages were so gorgeous! I especially loved the paper stockings! Very creative. I wouldn't have wanted to unwrap the gifts either!

Kerryanne English said...

Happy New Year Alice.
You certainly did a wonderful job of wrapping your Christmas gifts. I'm sure your family would have enjoyed their gifts even more seeing the amount of effort and love you put into preparing them.


Alice you are so inspiring.....everything you do is so lovely. I bet your family adored their parcels (i wouldnt want to open them ,they are so sweet).
You're such a sweetie :)

Shann xo

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Oh WOW! Anyone would be absolutely giddy to have a gift wrapped by you :) I don't think I would open it, it would be too sweet and pretty to ruin!
Amy :)
P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on Aged Vintage Papier!

Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

One word - STUNNING! The peach cameo gift is to die for Alice. It must be difficult for family & friends to open your gifts they are wrapped so nicely.

Counting Your Blessings said...

I keep meaning to tell you that I can't get those cards (in the first few photos of this post) out of my mind! They are just gorgeous. Inspired me to do a post about vintage notions - but it won't be up until tomorrow because I had a name drawing today. I'm going to have to try to make some myself. Thank you!! Blessings... Polly

Joy said...

Your blog is awe-inspiring! Such lovely packages!


Vintage Indie said...

Those packages are stunning WOW, seriously!


Jennifer in Sweden said...

The wrapping at the top with the cameo is totally genius!!