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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Catastrophes...Canine Apologies...and Counting Your Blessings!

So I am sad...and ashamed to admit the following news to all of my giveaway participants...
I had based my entire giveaway theme on this adorable jar of "Creme Brulee" bath salts, that were going to be included in this decadent package of goodies. I've had so many entrants and have been waiting anxiously for the 10th...when I will be announcing the lucky winner.
I "carefully" put all of the items in a large envelope...tucked "safely" away in my laundry room/Renoir's toy box room...HUGE MISTAKE!!! The package was not sealed and placed on the bottom of a large shelf...the perfect height for a curious canine...

I woke up the other day to this scene of the crime:
I was devastated to say the least!!! When I questioned the criminal on the horrific offense...his response...silence! And a tilt of the head...I quickly went out to see if I could replace the damaged goods...but alas...none could be found!!! But...wait...there is good news! I was able to acquire some delightful replacements...Creme Brulee Bubble Bath and Lip Balm!!! The lucky winner will now receive the following items in place of the "Renoir chewed" bath salts...
and he wishes to extend his sincerest apologies... ;) as do I!

On another note...I have recently acquired a new favorite website!!! I met Polly, of Counting Your Blessings, awhile back when she requested to post my blog logo on a post she was doing about romance. I was, of course, thrilled with the idea and have thoroughly enjoyed visiting her blog ever since. Just this week, she opened her brand new site (with a design by Avalon Rose...which is stunning!): I had such a fabulous time checking out all her pages filled with lovely photos and products...and when I saw this collection of vintage tarnished flatware...I had to have it!!!
Polly wrapped these up so beautifully too...which made it even more opening a present!
Each one is a fantastic statement of aged beauty...
I can't wait to use them in my decorating vignettes in the future!
Polly and I have been discussing how much we love the tarnished our opinion, it is far more beautiful and charming than if each had been cleaned up and polished!
Thanks Polly!!! You're the best!

The same day that I bought from Counting Your Blessings...I decided to browse through some of Polly's favorite links and found another "must have" item for sale at The Hope Jar...
This fantastic vintage fleur-de-lis ceiling tile! Joshua and I are quick to buy anything with a fleur-de-lis...and we both love antique tin ceiling tiles and architecture... I even love the aged patina of the back...and will probably rotate between both sides when I redecorate!
Since I haven't posted much from my new site lately...I thought I would showcase some of my newest "Paper Goods."

These unique and vintage-inspired notecards, feature antique illustrated chandelier drawings by Thomas Sheraton, ca. 1793. The textured ivory paper they are printed on has a lovely "antique" feel to it. They also make lovely art pieces!
A charming vintage find that will be available later today, is these floral Hallmark placecards...also textured, with a cut-out flower on one side. I have two sets of 35 each, still in the original packaging!
And if you are throwing a party for four...or just enjoy collecting vintage invitations...I have a set of four party invites from "The Pollyanna Line." They were never used and are so itty-bitty and cute!!!
Only two more days to enter my Creme Brulee if you haven't entered sure to head over and sign my guestbook! Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


Alice said...

I'm sure you couldn't stay upset at that sweetie little dog face for very long. Certainly there were ears to scratch and a nose to kiss.

Antique Paperie said...

OH my gosh - I cannot help but love little Renoir for doing that!! Sweetie Pie Renoir - you cannot eat Bath Salts!!! haha!! I laughed so hard Alice!!! Poor Baby and that Photo.... Totally forgivable, after you see that, don't ya think!! It looks like you replaced the Bath Salts with something even better!!! I LOVE Lip Balm anything. :)

I ADORE the vintage Silver you purchased with Polly - Gorgeous!!
I want one of her handpainted Mannequins, they are adorable!! I will be shopping with her this weekend as she is a wonderful and sweet gal.
Ok dearie - it's late, but I just had to tell you that little toot Renoir is just precious!
xoxo Sher

Alice W. said...

I know...he always gives me that look when he has done something bad...then tries to kiss me all over my face...and of course...instant forgiveness! He is toooo spoiled!!!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Funny, I get the same look from Sugar when I ask about the puddles!! Thank you so much for your kindness!! Those chandelier prints are amazing. Your pictures make it all look so yummy. I'll be by this weekend. Blessings... Polly

Crossroads Cottage said...
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Crossroads Cottage said...

With my love of black and white/cream anything, I am so eyeing your chandelier notecards. They would look amazing framed in my entryway!

Scrappy Jessi said...

your blog is just darling!!!
that's funny that your little poochy wanted to take a brulee bubble bath.
have a great weekend!

Ann said...

Hi Alice...I am so sorry about your little Renoir's mishap...I hope he is ok...I wouldn't worry about the give away alteraltion...I am sure the lucky recipient will understand... :) Ann

White Cottage said...

Oh my...too funny...well, on the bright side Renoir probably has the sweetest doggy breath on the block! Bye for now, heading over to Count Your Blessing's, thanks for sharing!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

awwww, its hard to get upset with a precious face like that isnt it...Hes just too sweet..
Your photos yet again are fabulous!

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Alice,
Renoir is too cute and anyway, what's a little bit of spilt bath salts.....aaww he just wanted to play. Can you tell I am a sucker for sweet doggy faces....and that tilt of the head!!!!!!
Big tickles under the chin for Renoir,

claudia said...

Hi Alice, just enjoyed catching up on your last few posts, and had to laugh at your little escapade with Renoir .. Great photos you've done, love the old tarnished silver too and books, my weakness too... Also hearing about your Montreal trip... thanks for sharing! Been drooling here over these Somersets!.. oohing and aahing...and getting inspired..! talk to ya later! claudia said...

The Fluer De lis from Joy will be lovely in your home. You have such pretty things.