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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Romantic Boudoir...

Even though it is still a work in progress, I thought I would share the transformation of our bedroom. Most of you know how much I love it should come as no surprise that I can't wait to show off my latest stylizing...even if not complete! Joshua and I took the smaller of the two rooms for our bedroom, so that I could use the master for my studio. Due to the small space, arranging our furniture was tricky, but I finally found an arrangement that I liked.

Here is the lovely before shot (before the carpet was even laid!):
And ta da...
The walls are now a pale blue called "Winter Wind." I still plan to do more with the headboard...position it higher on the wall and perhaps paint it in a fresh coat of white (of course!). But I am in love with the new quilt we bought from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic line at well as the scrumptious feather bed we also got there! Every morning I wake up and feel like I have stayed in a charming B & B...ahh...if only there were someone there to make me a hot breakfast...sigh...(Kerryanne you are so right...I am quite "spoilt" that!!! We say 'spoiled' here...doesn't sound quite as nice...hehe).
Renoir trying out the new feather bed...
I pulled together the following vignette with a vintage French Provencal dresser, vintage jewelry boxes, an antique pitcher and bowl set, white linens, vintage frames, and white china and porcelain.
A grouping of mirrors...
Some delightful vintage finds:
There are still two walls I have yet to finish decorating...but be sure that I will show them off once they are completed!!! Hope you enjoyed a little tour of my boudoir!!!

In other news...I was delighted to find out that Cielo awarded me with this the other day:
Thanks Cielo! You are the sweetest ever!!! I would like to pass this award onto Mademoiselle Rose whose blog I recently discovered and am in love with! I know you will like it too if you love all things pretty, romantic and white like me!!! Check out her home's so inspiring!

Till our paths meet again...


claudia said...

Love your new room..Alice.. ! Its looking so charming and perfectly cozy.. and that soft color blue is one of my favorites! claudia

Natasha Burns said...

That room is divine Alice! I so would love to live in your house!!!

Vintage Tea said...

You room looks so inviting!!!


CIELO said...

I love how your room turned out. What a great job you've done! It's beautiful, romantic, and with a peaceful atmosphere; just perfect.

Happy day to you Alice, you so deserve that award.... and many more!


Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Oh my...I haven't been visiting blogs for a bit so I have missed being here -- but Alice!! Your room is tres jolie and I love it!!

Linda said...

Hi Alice,
I enjoy reading you blog, I love your "romantic boudoir" you couldn't call it a bedroom it just wouldn't do it justice it's definitly a "romantic boudoir".
Cheers Linda

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Alice,
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words.
I am so pleased to have discovered your blog and will add you to my links.
Your room is stunning. I love the soft blue walls and the window frame above your bed with its beautiful quilt.
You deserve your award!

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Alice,
Love, love, love IT!!!!!

Oh how I love the colour of the walls. I had a blue and white bedroom (re-decorated many times) for over 15 years and then one day I said "lets have a big change".
What was I....Crazy???

I miss my soft serene pale blue and cleansing white room. I love how pretty and relaxing your new bedroom looks - frankly, I want it as my very own and I would even include Renoir in the

Enjoy this perfect room Alice.

A Romantic Porch said...

Your bedroom is so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. xo Rachel