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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Romantic Vignettes are back! And...I've been tagged...twice!

I have finally put up my Romantic Vignettes: Vignette of the Moment page on Painted White! It was a lot of work transferring it from the old site to the new. I lost some data in the some of the older vignettes no longer have a write-up...and some have gotten a new one. The latest addition comes from the wonderful Cielo of House in the Roses. I have enjoyed her blog for sometime and begged her to let me post a vignette of hers. She was so kind to oblige me and has been very patient as I took my time getting the page set-up once again. I will be bringing new vignettes to you again every few be sure to sign up for the newsletter if you want to be updated immediately! Thanks everyone for your patience as it has taken me longer than I anticipated to get it back up...and I really appreciate all of your submissions and emails with wonderful compliments! Keem 'em coming ;)


The other day...I received my first tag ever...from Shana of Crossroads Cottage...then later in the day...I was tagged again! This time by Julie of Fabulous Finds Studio...same questions for! we go...

1. Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics:
I am actually not much of a scrapbooker :(. I did one once during collage...sort of a collage of my years there. And I tried to do one for my wedding after I got's somewhere in the closet...I just never stay focused on it long enough to finish...ahh...maybe someday...

2. What are two of the best places you have been to?
New York favorite place in the world (I intend to live there one of these days) and Old romantic and charming.

3. Name two things you do every day:
Drink coffee and check my email...(kiss Renoir...over and over!)

4. Name two things that pretty much everyone knows about you.
I love anything pretty and romantic and I love decorating my home...and I love my dog (I know that is three but I can't ever leave Renoir out!)

5. Name two places you wish to visit.
Provence and Paris.

6. Two things you may not know about me are:
I have always wanted to be famous. When I was younger I had big plans to go to Hollywood and become a famous actress. I have laid that dream to rest these days...but I still wouldn't mind being well known ;).
I have a degree in Psychology.

7. Name two nick-names you have had sometime in your life:
Ick...I am hating this question. If I must tell (and Josh is insisting that I must)...when I was very young (about 5 years old) dad (and I will NEVER forgive him for this...LOL!) used to call me...ugh....I can't bring myself to type it...but here goes..."Big Al." EWWW! Can you believe that! The torture. One of my cousin's picked up on it and still calls me that. Please don't take up to calling me that...I will not be able to be your friend if you do! ;)

My sister also calls me Alison when she is upset with me...and no...that is not my real name. It is just plain Alice. Oh and people have called me Alice in Wonderland since forever...

8. Name two interesting jobs (good or bad) that you have had:
A few years ago, I worked in a very small antiquarian book store...cataloging lots of very old/antique books. Some were worth thousands of I was quite nervous handling them! I learned a lot about old books though...

My first job ever lasted all of four days...I was 15...and a busser at a restaurant. One day I dropped a tray of glasses in front of everyone...ran out crying...and never went back!
9. What are your top two fun things to do after work?
After work? Hmm...I work at home...and am usually always working...but when I take a break from my website/web designs...I like to look through decorating magazines, watch The Office and Law & Order SVU...and drink more coffee...

10. Name two things you would like to learn:
How to speak French fluently. I took it during high school...but have forgotten most of what I learned by now. I would also love to learn how to play the is just such a beautiful sounding instrument. I actually have one that my sister gave me for graduating from college...but have yet to take up lessons. I played it when I was ten but can't remember a thing I learned then...

11. What were the last two songs that you downloaded or CDs that you bought?
A couple of weeks ago I purchased Colbie Caillat's Coco and David Gray's Greatest Hits

12. What were the last two books that you read?
I can't remember the last time I actually finished a book...probably in college. I used to be an avid reader but since getting married and the business there is no time! The last two books I have started reading were Marie Antoinette: The Journey by Antonia Fisher and Words in a French Life by Kristen Espinasse.

13. What two TV shows or movies from your childhood do you still enjoy watching after all of these years?
Splash...with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah...I actually have it on VHS and still watch it. This was my favorite when I was 6 years old...I was fascinated by mermaids...and still am.

The Wonder Years...loved this growing up...and occasionally still find it on tv.

So I guess now that I am done being tagged I am supposed to tag the lucky ones I have chosen are:

Thanks to both Shana and Julie for tagging me! I feel so special...hehe...


CIELO said...

I'm so honored.... I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks (William Shakespeare)

Have a blessed Easter weekend, sweet Alice!


Riitta said...


Thank you for your visit on my blog. Your blog is lovely.

Happy Easter,
Greetings from Finland,

Tracie said...

You just left me a comment and I happened to be on-line - I love your blog, your love of french items and the goal (for lack of a better word) to speak french fluently - I too share that goal.
Your blog is beautiful. I have seen your name throughout other blogs I so enjoy. I am going back to my blog home and adding you to my links.
...Then, I'm coming back to peruse much more!
Happy Weekend, Happy Easter, Joyeuses Paques!
My Petite Maison

Tracie said...

Okay, now I've check that off my list, now I'm free to read and enjoy the beauty here. ;)


Lilla Blanka said...

I just found your blog (via your comment at My Petit Maison)
I love your blog, it´s beautiful!
Mia (from Sweden)

Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

Alice, you poor dear. It is a strange nickname indeed! It's great learning more about you. Very interesting to know about the pyschology degree! Thanks for sharing so much :~)

Laura said...

Delightful details, in your blog and about you. Thank you for sharing with us.
Creatively Yours, Laura

A Romantic Porch said...

Alice,So interesting. I will never call you a name you do not like to be called. I promise. Cielo's vignette is so beautiful. What a wonderful honor. Love,RAchel

Crossroads Cottage said...

Thanks for posting the tag responses. It's always interesting learning the little details about someone. That's funny about your busser job! I think everyone has one of those jobs. Mine was Taco Bell in High School - I only lasted two days. :-)

The Feathered Nest said...

Hello sweet Alice! Thank you so very much for thinking of me ~ I'm so very bad at tags....I know, I know, they really do help others get to know you and and I really enjoyed learning about you!! Wishing you a beautiful day, xxoo, Dawn

Counting Your Blessings said...

My sisters name is Allison =) I call her Sal and she calls me Wally. Unless of course one of us is vexed ;) I thought of something last night... Though it's not the reason for your business name, how cool is that Painted White represents what God does for us?! Hope you're having a wonderful evening. Blessings... Polly

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

It's fun getting to know more about you, Alice. I laughed out loud when I read that you dropped that tray of glasses and ran out of the restaurant...I can just picture it in my mind(I probably would have done the same thing)! I would love to work in the antiquarian book store...what fun!

Best Wishes,