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Monday, April 28, 2008

I am So Blessed...

Which is why, I asked the beautiful and talented Madai, of Wren Cottage, to make me one of her fabulous glitter banners. I knew that it would be the perfect finishing touch for my mantel display across my grandmother's mirror. And it absolutely was! But...before I go showing you it...I want you to experience what it is like to receive a package from Madai...for those of you who have not yet had the joy...and it is joy I tell you! Pure joy!

First of all...look at how beautiful the package itself was! I love Alice in Wonderland (go figure;-), so I was thrilled to find her on the outside as well as in...
From Wren Cottage
And this sweet note...
From Wren Cottage

From Wren Cottage
Look at all the beautiful gifts Madai included in my order! I adore all the tea stained papers!
From Wren Cottage

More Alice...and a glitter heart!
From Wren Cottage
Blueberry Tea...
From Wren Cottage
A tea stained page from The Secret of my favorites!

And now for the big finale...the beautiful "Blessed" banner...
Blessed Banner

Blessed Banner
These photos unfortunately do not do it is so beautiful to see in person...
Blessed Banner

I also ordered one that says, "Dream" but have yet to hang it...still deciding where it should go...perhaps on that window on top of my hutch (see in the mirror above)...or above my bed...we shall see...


Well, since I was photographing the banner, I decided to photograph some other new finds from the flea market yesterday that I have added to my mantel display. I purchased three old pocketwatches and a little Baby Ben...I have been wanting one for sometime to compliment my Big Ben. I purchased lots more...but thought I wouldn't overload you will all the photos at one! But thought you might enjoy getting "up close and personal" with the things on my mantel shelf...

Shrine to the Past

Collection of Old Things

Big Ben & Baby Ben

Baby Ben

Baby Ben
Large Mother-of Pearl buttons...
Large Mother-of-Pearl Buttons
Another pair of old baby shoes...
Old Baby Shoes
Broken pocketwatches...
Old Pocketwatches

Old Pocketwatches
This one Josh has the idea in his head that he should be able to carry it around and use it...but I told him...I bought it for! We are still arguing about this one...
Old Pocketwatch

While I was photographing today, I decided to try out the video feature on my camera...and thought I would start with a subject that is so might just overlook the poor quality and my lack of! If you want to hear my annoying "puppy voice" that I use with Renoir, scroll to the bottom of the screen and turn off the music playing...hope you enjoy "meeting" Renoir...

Have a beautiful week!


Wren Cottage said...

Oh Alice.... thank you so much for posting the pic's!!! Your home and decorating style is sooo beautiful that it really is an honor to know that you have a little something of mine and on such a sentimental piece :) ~ I love the way you've decorated your mantle... and the old clocks, I can see why he would want to use one :) pretty cool that it still works! And the little videos of you and Renoir just tugged at my heartstrings, toooooo sweet!! I feel BLESSED to have met such a warm & spiritual soul ~ thank you so much for sharing your beautiful world!!!
Lots of Love to you and Renoir xoxo
~ Madai

Vanessa said...

I absolutely love your style. Everything is sooooo beautiful! said...

You have such beautiful displays and the banners from Wren Cottage compliment it all so well.

Kelly said...

I just love your banner, it is perfect!!!! make sure you post when you put up the other one!
And the videos!!!! Oh my gosh I totally feel like I know Renoir now, and you too of course!!! I just love all his *babies* aren't our pups so special!!! This was a great post, your pictures are so wonderful....I feel like I am right there looking at your mantle.

Mystele said...

man alive, that mantel is phenomenal!

Carol said...

Oh yes I agree parcels from Madai are just the best! I love her glitter banners (meanwhile I own 4 of them and would like to get even more lol) I also love all the pretty papers etc. she always includes, so gorgeous! You made beautiful pictures of your order and the banner and the whole display underneath looks wonderful!
Best wishes from Germany sends

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Alice
What a GREAT post
and I love your baby Renoir!!

Who has more treasures?? him
or you!!
I may have to copy you ..I love the BLESSED banner
and of course I AM truly..

SweetAnnee said...

Oh Alice
What a GREAT post
and I love your baby Renoir!!

Who has more treasures?? him
or you!!
I may have to copy you ..I love the BLESSED banner
and of course I AM truly..

christineannette said...

Your decorating style is so old fashioned romantic. I love it!
I loved the videos of Renoir! He is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Hugs, Christine

Sugar Bear said...

Hi Alice,
I just found your blog and I love it! I'm in work now but I just spent a good half hour looking at all of your lovelies - shh don't tell my boss LOL. My Mini Schnauzer Margot has the same exact overflowing toy box and a stuffed pumpkin! She also takes very good care of her toys by ripping out eyes, insides, you name it! Renoir is a cutie. I see you have a three column blog, which is something I've been interested in for a while (currently have two columns) would you be able to help?

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

There is no prettier package than one from the sweet Madai.(except maybe for one heading my way from sweet!!)It is always so fun to receive from her! I LOVE the word you chose for your banner.... just perfect in every way.

your post is just filled such beauty Alice! wonderful displays!

Renoir is just ADORABLE in his videos... I was laughing thinking that he was probably annoyed with you by the end of it all. My Jada is funny about looking at the camera, she always turns her head away. lol


Natasha Burns said...

Alice you have fabulous style and so does Madai, her creations are divine!!
I adore your video clips of Renoir!!!! I loved hearing your voice, you sound so kind and sweet! How funny you said about my video about the accent and I think the same thing, in my head you are speaking with an Australian accent, lol. I love hearing American accents, I know I hear them on TV all the time, but when I hear my blogging friends talk it is so fun to me because it's like listening to a movie, lol! xo

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Loved your doggie videos. He's so sweet (or maybe she?). Madai's wrapping is amazing. She was a swap partner for me. Loved your new banner!


Kerryanne English said...

Hi Alice,
Thanks for showing us all your lovely goodies from Madai and your latest flea market finds. The pocket watches look fabulous on display on your mantle.

Of course Renoir was my fav - he is just too cute and those high fives....think I had better start training my

victorian said...

Hi Alice: The photographs you have listed on your website are beautiful. You should let him have the watch. :) Thank you again for everything you have made for me. I am just loving it all. Dianne

Crossroads Cottage said...

Ah - Renoir is so cute!

Tracie said...

Hi Alice,
I love your Blessed sign, I am going to have to look Madai up, I see she's left a comment here - so I'll go back right after this.

I know that "annoying puppy voice" all too well, I do it myself with Zeke, but it's endearing to hear you and at the end when you say "I love you" to him and his face - who cares about annoying puppy voice - he loves it and it shows.

I love your mantle, a work of art!
~Tracie (and hi Renoir from Zeke)

CIELO said...

Beautiful vignettes! Love your style, Alice....


four shabby chicks said...

I just found your blog and I really love it! These things are just beautiful.

I look forward to future posts!

sweetpea said...

Lovely blog! So glad to have found you!


marilyn said...

alice ... just jumped over from your always inspring photo gallery on flickr ... what a nice way to give such a genuine compliment to madai!! enjoyed your photos and narrative! your blog is full of beauty! i hope to visit often!
~marilyn {floridagull on flickr}