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Thursday, April 3, 2008

New "Partners"...

There have been lots of new things happening at my shop lately and I am so excited to share them with all of you!
First of all, my mother, Janine, (whom I have mentioned here a time or two) is an eBay and Etsy seller of all sorts of things. She calls her business "Mom's Antiques n' Things," and for a short time did have her own website. The other day, when I was visiting her, we started taking about selling her items outside of eBay again...and came up with the idea to join forces on my site! You will now find a new category, "Mom's Antiques n' Things," in my Home section! I really believe that my mom has some amazing finds, which is why I am thrilled to bring them to my visitors. The below items are a glimpse of what is currently (or soon to be!) available:

I fell in love with this decorative plate...with the blue roses and trim! And with Mother's Day just around the corner, it would make a perfect gift!
And I love the charm very old tins have! More tins will be coming soon (but I must confess I am keeping my fav'!)
This delicate little trinket box will be listed very soon!
As will this romantic rhinestone bracelet!
A beautiful Limoges France Demitasse cup pefect for any shabby chic lover out there...
And how pretty is this minty green and pink planter? I love this so much! Will be listed later this week...
A beautiful black velvet and gold cameo...I have never seen a cameo like this! The girl is holding a rose!
We will be listing more of my "Mom's Antiques n' Things" quite regularly so check back often! You don't want to miss any of her great finds!

Another new "partner" and friend I have made recently, is Christine Annette from Christine Annette Designs. She does some of the most unique and beautiful graphic design work out there, and I am so thrilled to now bring them to my Painted White visitors!

Since doing coding and template set-up isn't one of Christine's favorite things, we have partnered together on some new website templates! She provides the gorgeous graphics, and I create and install the templates. A match made in! I really believe in Christine's work and know you will enjoy be sure to check back often to see our new additions!

Birds of a Feather OOAK Website Template:
Treasured Mementos OOAK Website Template
Be sure to stop by Christine's blog to find out more about her, and if you love her style, but prefer a custom design, please contact us! We will work together to help you have the website of your dreams!
It has been awhile since I have updated my portfolio, so I thought I would share some of my latest site designs...
Eve Barry...still under construction...but be sure to bookmark this site if you love things with French flair!
LeShab...offering fabulous vintage/shabby chic items including some amazing furniture!
And my newest addition...Artful Whimsies...can't wait to see the creative offerings here!
Till we meet here again...


Sarah said...

I love old tins and that black velvet with cameo is beautiful!

christineannette said...


Your Mother's treasures are beautiful and your so sweet to help her sell them. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I love your custom work on the listed websites too! It is going to be a pleasure working with you.
Smiles, Christine

Kelly said...

Oh Alice I have seen your Mom's things ...they are fabulous!!! congratulations to the both of you!!


The Designing Diva said...

Hi Alice! Your blog is looking amazing as always~;o) I am tagging you! See my blog for details!

CIELO said...

Gorgeous stuff from your mom.... I particularly like that black velvet and gold cameo; so feminine and romantic looking.

As usual, I love your work and designs.

Have a great day, Alice