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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Time

Last week, my mother and I, went up to visit my grandmother at the hospital she currently stays in. She has a lot of health issues and my 90 year old grandfather can no longer care for her alone...try as he might ;). I love visiting them both so much...esp. hearing the same stories I have heard a 100 times before...I still love them. They have given me so much and my oil painter in her who I owe my "creative gene" to!
Visiting My Grandmother
They were fascinated by my digital camera...everyone took a turn trying it out...this is Grandma's shot...not bad, huh?
Mom, Grandpa, and Me
I, of course, made my grandmother some special gifts...including this heart shaped wreath...
Wreath for Grandma
I also gave her some of my photos to hang in her room...which she loved! So it was a really wonderful visit...and I just pray there are several more in the future!
I also spent time at my father and step-mother's home Saturday, as we celebrated my brother Jaron's 12th birthday...which was on the 12th. Josh and I got him this "rip stick"...I had never heard of it before but he reallllllllly wanted one...
Jaron's Birthday Gift
And because our younger brother Ezra (he's 9) already had one.....Jaron HAD to have!
Ezra and Destiney
Josh tried it out while we were there...and fell off a few! But overall he did pretty good ;).
Josh Showing Off
I wouldn't get on that thing...but...since I was outside...I decided to try out the scooter. How hard could it be?
Next heels..
Hard!!! That's how! Hehe...I was going about an inch per minute...
Scooter Riding
These weren't the best shoes for it either...
My First Try
Destiney (my 4 year old sister) can do it though!!! No fear at all...
Scooter Riding
The pros:
The Sweetest Boy

The Serious Rip Sticker
Destiney is the sweetest little thing ever...she picked me a bouquet...
The Cutest Kids
of dead dandelions from the yard...
A Bouquet for Me
but I, of course,....loved them...


Sheila R said...

May God bless you with many more times to cherish with you beloved family. Isn't it amazing how those little guys can make it look so easy when it is so difficult!

Sheila R

Vanessa said...

I loved your sweet post about your Grandma. It's strange - just yesterday I was thinking I should do a post about my Grandma. Yesterday was her 82nd birthday and she is not doing well. She is also who I got my creative gene from. I wish I lived nearby so I could take some photos of her.

The Feathered Nest said...

Alice, what sweet photos of your family!!!! You can tell your grandmother has a sweet spirit ~ I loved seeing you and your husband and siblings too! Tricky stuff you guys are trying there.....I have to tell you that your photography projects are just gorgeous, are very talented in more ways than one!! xxoo, Dawn

Mademoiselle Rose said...

Alice, what a lovely post. I bet your younger brothers make you get up to all sorts of fun stuff! See, if you'd been 20 years younger you'd have gotten on that scooter and off you'd go! You definitely lose the "knack" as you get older, hey! Although my nieces made my sister and I go ice-skating the other week, and we had such a ball. Isn't it fun being a kid again for a while!

Warmest regards

Leah C said...

Sweet photos of some sweet family time:) Enjoy every moment you can!

miss gracies house said...

I love seeing about you and your little sister! It reminds me of *my* girls. My daughters are 28, 18, and 11-they DO have a special bond of love.
blessings to you today,

Julie said...

Cute! My 5 year old figured out the scooter in about an hour. He zooms all over now.

Sandy said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I made tons of PBAs as well and I'm always moving onto the next thing. I love the sweet wreath you made for your GrandMother! Currently my Grand Mother's dimentia is getting worse-to a point where she doesn't want to see me anymore. It's very sad. You have a beautiful family and I LOVE Cold Play!!TTYL..Sandy:)

christineannette said...

I'm glad to see you are taking time for you. Your little sister is so sweet, those flowers are precious! You have a nice family.

Smiles, Christine

CIELO said...

Such lovely photographs..... family is a treasure.... may our Father of Light bless you and your family.... hugs.


ceekay said...

I just came upon your blog and your photography is wonderful. I was wondering...and believe me, I barely know what I am saying here, but are you using a Macro settings for like the pictures of the flowers in the jewelry box? Can all camera's do that? Thanks
ceekay @

Sweet Sage said...

That's the SWEETEST bouquet ever!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Alice you are such a beautiful girl, and you have a gorgeous family. I love that photo of you with your Grandma, she looks SO happy!!!

xoxo Heather

Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing your family with us!!! what great photos, yeh and be careful of those crazy scooters I almost broke my neck trying one out! haha! and the skateboards forget it.
I love your sweater you have on! then with the pearls/beads it looks so beautiful!
Your grandma is so pretty ...what a sweet and talented woman, it must be awesome to have her in your life.
Oh and I saw your new paintings ...I LOVE them all!!!!


Natasha Burns said...

What a gorgeous family you have! I love your smile and you have such a beautiful face Alice, your eyes sparkle with kindness.
I adore the dead dandelions, that is the cutest bouquet ever!