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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New to the Shop...

Tiara and Roses - Unframed
Little late on sharing some of my latest work with you, but I thought I would today anyways! I have been doing a lot of painting lately, while I took a break from custom web design work. Most of them have been small works done on canvas panels, so that they can easily be framed. This one, "Tiara and Roses," has sold already...but look for similar ones to be added soon!
Tiara and Roses - Unframed
I have been obsessed with adding chandeliers to all my in this aqua and gold one:
Aqua & Gold - Unframed
It can be purchased, unframed or framed in the following vintage frame, from my website.
Aqua & Gold - Framed
This one is an experiment with, blue and cream...
Blue, Red & Cream - Unramed
And can be unframed or framed in this shabby chic white wood frame:
Blue, Red & Cream - Framed
I have more paintings that I have not yet listed, and more in my head just waiting to be put on look for those coming to the shop soon! And you can definitely expect them to have roses, chandeliers, and French themes!
Click here to see all of my paintings currently available.
Some other new additions to the shop this week are reproduction antique/vintage prints:
These two are by the amazing illustrator, Anne Anderson and are from an antique children's book...they would be adorable in a nursery or little girl's room!
Mary! Mary! Quite Contrary
Swift's Ham & Breakfast Bacon
These two are actually blown up from vintage playing cards that I purchased from an antique doll shop in Rhode Island a few years back. I love these images so much that I wanted to make them bigger, to enjoy on my walls, and both are now available in the shop too!
Clark's Spool Cotton Victorian Lady
Click here to purchase any of these prints.
Hope you enjoy seeing my latest offerings! And thanks for all who participated in my "Blog Music" poll. Since leaving my music on received the most votes, that is what I will be doing (thanks for all of you who sent me messages letting me know how much you enjoy it!). However, for those of you who do can always scroll to the bottom of my blog and shut it off.
Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday!


Karla said...

Such pretty pictures!

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Very pretty Alice!
I love the chandeliers with the roses! doesnt get any better than that!
Sandy said...

Your paintings are so sweet.