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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Reservoir and a Path Through the Woods

Water Reservoir
Today, after Josh came home from work, we decided to go out for a bit...take Renoir somewhere that we had never been. We decided to visit Cobbs Hill Reservoir...the water reserve for Rochester, NY. It is actually a beautiful place with a path surrounding the iron-gated water, with trails through the woods and gorgeous old homes nearby. Renoir was of course thrilled to go on a new adventure...
Water Reservoir
He couldn't wait to get up to see what was behind that gate...
Water Reservoir
Unfortunately for was just a big giant pool of water (Renoir is not a fan of water!), but for Josh and was quite peaceful and serene.
Water Reservoir

Water Reservoir
I particularly enjoyed the detail of the lamp posts...
Water Reservoir
At a certain point as you travel around the come to a clearing where you can see the Rochester skyline...our little city...
Our Little City
A beautiful blooming tree that served as a memorial...
White Blossoms

White Blossoms - Memorial Tree

Memorial Tree
As we continued walking, on one side near the woods...we came across a make-shift memorial tree, to celebrate the life of 16 year-old boy, who lost his life earlier this year in a sporting accident. It caused us to stop and reflect on how precious life is. I had not known about this boy before, but came home and learned that he was well loved by many...thus all the mementos left near the tree for him...
Celebrating His Life
Upon further traveling the path surrounding the reserve, we eventually came to the Reservoir Building which is quite stately with its columns and ornamental lions...
Reservoir Building

Reservoir Building
The main door is painted white and mint green...
Reservoir Building Door

Reservoir Building Details

Water Reservoir

Water Reservoir
After staying on the main path for a bit...we decided to trapse off to a path we found in the woods...

Secret Path

Secret Path
It felt like a giant canopy was over us with all the leaves on the trees... Under the Trees

Right or Left?
I enjoy finding the beauty in insignificant things...
A Fallen Tree
A fallen tree...
A Fallen Tree
This flower was so small that I almost walked right by it...before Josh pointed it out to me. Look at what we can miss if we're not paying attention...
Beautiful White
We happened upon several blooming cherry blossom trees...
Pink Blossoms

Pink Blossoms

Pink Blossoms
Some of the loveliest homes in Rochester are near this Reservoir...we got a peek at a few gorgeous backyards while we traveled the path...hope they don't mind our peeping!
Beautiful Backyards

Beautiful Backyards

Beautiful Backyards
Renoir was thoroughly enjoying his time here...he made several new "friends" in dogs that passed by...found several sticks to enjoy...
Renoir's New Stick
and even dug a hole!
Renoir's Hole
Pretty leaves...
Red Leaves

Tiny pink pinecones...
New Pinecones
A row of trees...
Trees All in a Row
Hope you enjoyed our little trip through the Reservoir! We sure did...and were very tired and thirsty from all that walking afterwards (don't worry...we brought lots of water for Renoir!!)
Renoir Behind the Tree
Till next time...


Gillian L. said...

Wonderful Photographs!


Sheila R said...

Look at all Gods beauty that surrounds us if we only look. Thanks for "looking" and sharing your lovely outing with us through your gorgeous pictures. Makes me want to schedule a walk...

The Feathered Nest said...

Alice, what beautiful photos!!! I love those lamp posts too! Everything is so beautiful this time of year ~ fresh and new. Sweet baby Renoir is most precious!! xxoo, Dawn

Tracie said...

Hi Alice,
Beautiful photos. Thanks for taking us along on the walk. I agree, the lamp posts are lovely.

Happy day!

Sugar Bear said...

What a wonderful magical afternoon. Renoir looks so cute! I can't even get my hubby to walk with me and the dog around the block - you are lucky!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

How beautiful! Did I ever tell you I lived in Hornell, NY just south of you for 10 years?

Rochester's Lilac Festival is pretty soon isn't it?

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Alice! Beautiful photographs! And I always enjoy seeing little Renoir. Makes me want to leash up Barkley and head out for the park. Have a great week! ~ xoxo ~ Joy

Crossroads Cottage said...

What beautiful lamp posts. And, aren't spring walks the best? Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

I felt like I was traveling along right with you! This was awesome, I learn so much when I read your blog! About so many things. The pink pine cones I had never seen before, and I loved the picture of the row of trees, and the mint door, just all of it!! And of course Renoir!


Anonymous said...

My Cairn loves to dig too! I have a female who is so much fun. She loves to tease everyone especially her dog-sisters.