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Friday, June 13, 2008

And The Princess Turns 5...

Princess Destiney
Last Sunday, my little sister, Destiney, turned 5 years old!!! Since nothing major had been planned by Saturday, I decided to call up my step-mother and offer to throw a party for her the following day (crazy I know! I think sometimes I thrive on the!).
Destiney's Birthday
We decorated the whole inside and outside (I put the design at the top on our front door for when she entered) with white streamers, pink balloons, and Disney Princess everything (since that is her favorite!). And if you ask her what her favorite color's "pink sparkly"...such a girl!!! My step-mother brought the cake...all pink and purple of course...
Destiney's Birthday
And we gave her gifts periodically throughout the party (the dress she is wearing below was actually given to her a few minutes before this photo...after one of my little brothers "accidentally" hit her with a water balloon outside...hehe...she was crying until she realized it meant she got to open a gift...inside was this adorable dress that my sister Angela gave to her...)
Destiney's Birthday
And after I saw how much she enjoyed the "irunning" at the museum the week before (see the post below), Josh and I found her a set...she was so excited! As she was opening it, she started yelling, "I saw this and wanted it!!!" She enjoyed finding all of the vintage linens around my house to "irun"...and I let her take a few home to enjoy...
Destiney's Birthday
Here she is showing off the dress...and pink sunglasses also given to her by my other sister, Angela...she looked like she stepped right out of the 1950's!!!
Destiney's Birthday
She LOVES being in front of the camera...she starts posing even before the camera turns on...maybe she'll be famous one day...hehe!
Destiney's Birthday
Tomorrow, I am going to her house, where she is having a tea party with 5 of her friends...will be showing off more photos of that next week!
And in other news...every morning this past week, I have been eager to go outside and see how all of my pink roses are blooming. It is like my own little miracle everyday! Here are photos of the rosebuds...they are much bigger and more open now...but I haven't gotten caught up on my photo editing yet...will show them off soon!


Blooming Rose
And...the lucky winner of my giveaway in my blog anniversary post was Crystal of Fairiebees! Congrats and thanks to all for your warm and loving comments!
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Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

you are sooo sweet to have a little party for your sister, and what a wonderful sister you are to take the time. :)))

I love your roses, so so pretty! I have been wanting to plant more pink roses this year but haven't gotten to it yet.

xoxo Heather

Natasha Burns said...

What a beautiful sister you are Alice and what a sweet girl Destiney is! Happy birthday!!! She is going to remember how wonderful you are with her all her life.
On a side note, I just LOVE the cakes you guys have in America, the frosting roses are so creamy and luscious, our standard cakes here are so scrawny in comparison! We need to take lessons from you guys big time!

Sheila R said...

What a wonderful party you threw for your sister! What a cutie

Sugar Bear said...

How adorable! Let's hope she still likes to irun as she gets older!

Leah C said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet lil' sis! And you certainly deserve "the coolest big sis" award:)

Tracie said...

Happy Birthday to Destiney. That looks like one fun party! Love that chalkboard.

She certainly can pose for the camera and those "shades" make her look like a movie star ;)

The roses are lovely, mine are getting fried with the hot weather already.

Is there any cake left? I'd love a rose!


Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Alice!

Happy Birthday to Destiney! I just love her name. She is so pretty and I can tell that she really does love the camera. How sweet. The cake looks so yummy! Must have been a real fun party. What a great memory for both of you and your family. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed all the photos and that pink rose is stunning.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Your sister is so sweet and pretty! She obviously takes after you! What a wonderful birthday party you gave her!

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

how fun to have a little sister to dote on,
I always tried to get my mother to have another baby but she never cooperated.