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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Me and My Dad
Happy Father's Day to all of the caring, loving, hard working fathers and grandfathers out there who do so much for us everyday!

In honor of today, I wanted to share some photos of my dad and me. These are all from my wedding in 2006. Before it was time to walk down the aisle that day, my father was the last one with me in the Bride's room, that for much of the day, had been filled with women and girls running about, chaos and noise...but as the time drew near and the room cleared was just my father and me.

He drew me close and was ready with tissues as the tears came to my eyes. He prayed for me and my future husband and gave me the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. It was one of the most special times of my whole life. It was his strength that carried me down the aisle. If I did not have him to lean on and reassure me with his peaceful nature, I don't know how I would have gotten through...not only for my wedding...but my life...
Walking Down the Aisle
My dad has always been such a caring, thoughtful and tender-hearted man. His sensitivity is rare and so hard to find...which is why I appreciate it so much.
Dancing with Dad

Dancing with Dad
I still get choked up whenever I hear Bridge Over Troubled Water, which was the dance we shared together that day. The words speak of our relationship...and the love my dad has for me...
Dancing with Dad
So, on this Father's Day...I just want to say...Dad, I love you so much. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me. Your love and support have carried me through...and I wouldn't be the same without you. Thank you for being my bridge over troubled water...I love you!
(photos courtesy Don Cochran)


Saralee said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful Father/Daughter relationship! It brings joy to my heart to see and feel the love you have for each other.
I too have the most beautiful relationship with my Father. He is 95 and a retired minister. I spend 2 hours a day with him. I learn so much as I sit at the feet of this spiritual man. I will cherish all my times with him forever. I feel so blessed to have such a man for my Father.
I can tell by your words that you too are blessed!
Hugs & Blessings~ Saralee

Wren Cottage said...

Just precious, all misty eye here... your relationship with your dad is a treasure. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us Alice.
You are truly blessed sweetie!
xo ~*~~*~* Madai

Leah C said...

Oh Alice...your post is such a loving, wonderful tribute to your Dad. It brought back memories of my wedding day & the few tender moments I shared with my father just before we walked down the aisle. Now, the words have blurred because of my teary eyes:)
The photos are beautiful...thank you for sharing.

Jessrose21 said...

How sweet! Your dad looks so proud and you're absolutely gorgeous!

Sheila R said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father. Thanks for shring your beautiful words, pictures and song. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Kerryanne English said...

Alice that is a beautiful tribute to a father you quite obviously adore. The photos on your wedding day are also lovely and will always bring those precious moments back to you.

Thank you for sharing them.

Sweet Sage said...

BEAUTIFUL photos, Alice ~ you are SO blessed!

Debbie from NJ said...


This is such a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. I can see where you get your looks from. What a handsome guy!
You are very blessed to have such a wonderful dad. the pictures are beautiful. You looked like a princess. Thanks for sharing!

Crossroads Cottage said...

Beautiful post and wonderful tribute to your dad. The only times I teared up at my wedding were right before I walked down the aisle with my dad and during our daughter/dad dance too. :-) Thanks for sharing the photos of your wedding day - truly gorgeous.

Tracie said...

This is a beautiful post. The pictures of the two of you (especially the first one) just shows all the love you have for one another. What a lovely tribute post for your Dad.
My Dad's been gone many years at a young age and I love hearing daughter's talking of their love for their fathers. There's nothing like that pure love from your father and giving it back in return.

Tracie said...

...And what a dress ;)

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Alice! What stunning photos and what a sweet heartfelt post! My gosh girl, you are a BEAUTIFUL bride!!! You look just like a model in a brides magazine! It's easy to see the love between you and your dad. Have a wonderful week. ~ hugs ~ Joy

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

What a beautiful relationship you have with your father!
cherish it always not everyone has it.
thanks for sharing,

Alice said...

What beautiful, happy photos. The tenderness between you and your dad is obvious.

Joy said...

What great pictures! You all look so happy and your dress is beautiful too!

Faith's Vintage Vanity said...

Your dad sounds like a wonderful man. Always hold tight to those memories, Pull one out when you need to. I miss my dad.


miss gracies house said...

yes, you *are* blessed...just beautiful-the photos and the words.
very special...

Kelly said...

Oh Alice, this was so beautiful! I love to hear stories such as this...I never really had the chance to get to know my Dad, so I long to hear what a relationship like that is like, and you have made it so wonderful! You look so beautiful in your dress.