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Friday, June 27, 2008

Romantic Arrangements...

Sweet Carnations
I couldn't resist posting one more time before I go away this weekend. Lately I have been getting a lot of fresh flowers, to dry and use in my artwork, but in the meantime, I have enjoyed putting them in arrangements around the house. Like these little carnations in shades of pink and peach...
Sweet Carnations
I put a small bouquet in an antique creamer....
Sweet Carnations

Pretty Sugar Bowl & Creamer
I am in love with this china so much! My mom just gave it to me a couple of weeks ago and I love the details on it...
Pretty Creamer

Pretty Sugar Bowl

Sweet Carnations
This is another small bouquet in a tiny off white pitcher of only the peachy-fuchsia carnations...
Sweet Carnations
I am typically not a "Carnation girl" but I do love how they look when dried...and these ones with the dark pink edge will be quite beautiful I think!
Sweet Carnations
A larger arrangement was placed in this old porcelain vase between my new cherub lamps...
Cherub Lamps

Carnation Bouquet

Carnation Bouquet
I also love to take the ones that fall off and place them around...these old keys were in an old trunk we have (filled with treasures!)...I pulled them out to enjoy...
Vintage Keys
Although not flowers...Josh brought me home the tiniest strawberries yesterday, that he found while on an outing with Renoir...
Petite Strawberries in a Teacup
How cute are these?
Petite Strawberries

Petite Strawberry
He also picked me a bouquet of Sweet Peas...even though they are wild, I have always loved them...
Picked Just for Me

Picked Just for Me

Picked Just for Me
I have been very busy getting my living room redecorated and found the prettiest bouquet of Esperance roses at the supermarket last night...I knew they would look gorgeous on our dining table! I couldn't even wait till the next day to photograph them, so I got out the camera last night at 11pm to shoot these...
Esperance Roses

Esperance Roses
I took more this afternoon, so you could seem in normal lighting...
Dining Room
(I will show the full dining room sometime soon!)
Dining Room

Esperance Roses

Esperance Roses
They are really the prettiest roses I have ever seen!
Esperance Roses

Esperance Roses

Esperance Roses
I put them in my most favorite old Ironstone has cracks, stains and crazing...which is why I love it soooo much!
Esperance Roses
Well this really is the last post until I get back from New Jersey. Hope that my little "arrangements" serve to inspire and beautify your day!
Till next time...


Tracie said...

Hi Alice!
Beautiful china, carnations, roses, wild strawberries, sweet peas and that living room? I am going into overload and that pitcher is a wonderful piece, wonder what the history is on it and what tales it would have to tell.

Can't wait to see the entire living room...

Happy Weekend!

Leah C said...

Alice, the photos are beautiful...the flowers are beautiful...the rooms are beautiful...and that ironstone pitcher? Beautiful...and I wish it were mine:)

Sheila R said...

Hope your trip is wonderful. I love your pictures of your room! It just says come and relax. You are an amazing woman! Can't wait to see more pictures! tiden som hjälp-Linda said...

Beautiful pictures...! //Linda

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog after viewing your photos on Flickr and I'm so happy I did! I just love your style and will be back to visit often. Have a lovely weekend!
~ Lynda

Naturegirl said...

A divine post! I also love to fill my china cups with posies from the garden! As of late I have been featuring my peonies!
Nice to meet you in your wonderful place! :)NG

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the little cherub lamp caught my eye, and I suddenly remembered I bought that exact lamp on eBay over 5 years ago intending to make a shade, and you've reminded me I had it!

Pinkie Denise said...

Oh, my gosh! If I had to pick my favorite I don't know. Sweet peas are
my favorite and the scent divine.Those pink rose are so wonderful too. Thanks for sharing all you pretties, I so enjoyed them this evening Pinkie Denise

SweetAnnee said...

lovely lovely lovely
I think the berries are just the
best..and those sweet roses.Oh honey
your home is delightful!!
thanks for sharing..

Crossroads Cottage said...

I usually don't love carnations either, but the ones pictured here are spectacular! They match your china perfectly. And, I can't wait to see more photos of your dining room. ;)

Jean said...

The flowers are gorgeous. Ilove bouquets of fresh flowers. I adore your little Cairn terrier. I have a 2 and a half year old cairn terrier named Maggie Mae.Mine is the Wheaten color. They are special dogs, aren"t they. Love your dinning room too. Jean

~cozy.chic.cottage~ said...

Hi Alice! It's been awhile since I've visited, just wanted to stop by and say hello! Your pictures are always so stunning and inspiriational - I love the ones of the berries against the aged white table top - so yummy and country chic:) Have a fabulous day!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen carnations look that good!!! Everything is just a feast for the eyes!

a pink-bee said...

What pretty flowers~ love those roses. How do you dry carnations ? Please tell :).
Have a great trip.:)
crystal :)

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Alice, your blog is just beautiful as are all your photos..I was just drooling over everything. : ) said...

Roses and ironstone are the perfect combo, I love the contrast! And what sweet little berries. Yummy

Thanks for the gorgeous card, I saw it on flickr. I'll mail it to my aunt with a few others that are still coming in. She will be so excited to get more!!

I have done a drawing for 8 prizes to people who sent in cards and you have won one! Please email me your address and I'll send it out. It is boxed and ready to go.


Counting Your Blessings said...

Those are the tiny-est strawberries I've ever seen! Awful sweet of him to bring them back for you. Have a wonderful 4th. Blessings... Polly

suzanne said...


la la Lovely said...

What a pretty blog! I love all the flowers but I have to say those little strawberries are so sweet.. I love those pictures!
ps- thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

your dining room is gorgous!!!
you are sooo talented!!
I just love everything,