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Friday, July 11, 2008

Giving & Receiving...

If there is one thing I is getting unexpected gifts!!! And if there is one thing I love is giving beautiful gifts! Lately, I have had the pleasure of both and witnessing others do the same...

First of all...several weeks ago I received a few gifts from the fabulous, Polly, and have been so busy that I never posted about these sweet "blessings". Polly really has to be one of the most generous and caring souls out there. I cannot thank her enough for all the wonderful ways she has showered me with kindness!
Blessings From Polly
Look at this gorgeous old silver spoon she sent me out of the blue!
Silver Crown Spoon
It has a crown on top!
Silver Crown Spoon
And a fleur-de-lis on the back! (My favorite!)
Silver Crown Spoon
Prior to these, she also sent me an adorable little teacup and blue plate...I will hopefully get some photos of those taken really soon to show you how beautiful they both are.
Thank you Polly!!! How can I ever repay you? ;)

Also, a few weeks back, I found a package in the mail that I didn't remember ordering...and what should it be? But a surprise package from Christine Annette! Christine can really fill a package!
Gifts from Christine Annette
And with stuff that you feel is too good to be free!
Gifts from Christine Annette
The bags were filled with vintage goodness...old buttons, lace, ephemera, and so much more! I couldn't believe my eyes and was left speechless at Christine's generosity. What did I ever do to deserve such an abundance??? Thank you again Christine from the bottom of my heart!
I have also been doing some gift giving of my own lately. My mother's birthday was on June 17th, and my sister and I surprised her on her lunch break at her work. She really was so surprised and happy to see us...I think we could have done just that and she would have been happy!
Mom's Birthday
I LOVE to wrap gifts, especially in unique ways or with special touches. Using vintage patterns is one of my favorite "unconventional" ways to wrap a gift. This one was embellished with a beautiful tag given to me by Sherri of Antique Paperie...
Mom's Birthday
And here is one of the gifts Josh and I got for Marshall's no less...but it was so pretty and I knew it would fit nicely in her blue kitchen...
Mom's Birthday
I also found her the prettiest bouquet of pink and white roses...
Mom's Birthday Roses
That I enjoyed photographing before giving them away ;)
Mom's Birthday Roses

Mom's Birthday Roses

Someone else receiving gifts lately was my little sister Destiney. If you scroll back a few posts you can read about her 5th birthday party that was held at my house...but later that week she had a tea party with her friends at her house. It was of course Disney Princess themed! The teacups and saucers they used were given to me for my bridal shower and were perfect for such an event!
Princess Tea Party
Here she is with all her little friends...cheers! Princess Tea Party
(I have blocked out their faces since I don't know their parents and wouldn't be comfortable posting it here otherwise).

And Destiney received more wonderful gifts!!!
Princess Tea Party
And of course enjoyed posing for the camera. I love this over-the-shoulder "glamour" shot with the red mustache!
Princess Tea Party
And while these photos don't fit with the theme of this post (unless you consider this the "gift of Renoir"!)...I wanted to share some photos of Renoir enjoying my seat in the living room. He is certainly one pampered pooch! He completely got up and sat in this position all on his own...facing the TV...
Just relaxing...
Renoir Relaxing...
and annoyed by my constant!
Renoir Relaxing...
He was certainly enjoying himself...till someone came along and stole his seat...hehe!
Someone Stole His Seat
That someone being my 12 year old brother Jaron who spent the night a couple of weeks ago! Woe is Renoir! ;)
If you have survived to the end of this post...thanks for staying with me! I have been so busy lately that blogging has sort of been put on the back burner...but hopefully things will settle down soon and I can get back to posting regularly...

Till next time...


Tracie said...

Hi Alice,
What lovely gifts you received. I have to say and I bet you know... I love that spoon to bits, Polly really found a beauty there and it's got the perfect place being in your romantic home.
The items you gave your Mom are great, I think the wrapping is just as important as the gift. I just recently found Sherri and love her Antique Cafe, that tag is so cute.
Okay, what in the world is Renoir watching? He looks totally transfixed. I need to introduce this program to Zeke.

Sheila R said...

I love all the beautiful gifts and ideas on wrapping gifts! Renoir was priceless with his expressions! What a cutie!! Glad to see you back!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Alice,
Thank you for letting me link your place at my blog! YOur Dog is very cute! And I love the song that is playing..."summer wind...?"
With Kindness,

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hello Alice,
I just came across your beautiful blog and LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT...
You, your family, home, and creations are just beautiful!
Would you consider exchanging links with me,
PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASEEEeeeeeeeeeee......
Kisses Kisses Debbie

Leah C said...

Your lil' sis and her friends look so sweet having their tea party. And Renoir is one cute pooch:)

CIELO said...

Lovely gifts... both, received and given. I enjoyed seeing all your pics of your lil' sis and her friends; tea party, etc. Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend.

It's always a pleasure coming here.



Joy said...

Your photos are so inspiring. :o)

FancyHorse said...

I enjoyed reading your post (I found you from The House in the Roses).

That spoon is very lovely, indeed! It must be an antique, is it?

The cups and saucers for your sister's birthday party were perfect - nothing would have been more appropriate!

Renoir is darling! I have a friend who once had a dog named Monet, a bishon frise. I wonder if they would have liked each other?

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Alice,
Ahhh yes...Gifts. Lovely to give and lovely to receive. I especially love your gift wrapping - who would have thought of sewing patterns?. So chic!!

Kelly said...

Oh Polly is so generous, she has a wonderful blog too!
And I just loved your Mom's gift, and the wrapping is just the perfect addition! And your sisters tea party, Oh I wish I could have joined her, how fun, I bet they all had a blast!!! And Renoir looks like he wants his couch back to himself!! haha! Missed you!


Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Alice! What wonderful gifts you received...and gave! I loved the photos of your precious Renoir. He reminds me so much of Barkley. Barkley will steal your seat on the sofa the second you move away from it and then give you that if he were saying..."Whaaaat???" :) Have a great week! ~ xo ~ Joy

Natasha Burns said...

Alice how beautiful your post is! I love all the gifts you received. Of course you deserve them, you give so much to others, you share beautiful photos and you are kind and honest.
Destiney's party looked like so much fun!
And I bet your mom was so excited to see you both.
Renoir is seriously one of the cutest dogs in the world! He has such expression, I swear he is like a little old man. I'd love to sit on the couch with him giving him cuddles watching a movie!

Tracie said...

Hi Alice!
Just had to come by and wish you all a Happy Bastille Day - what a perfect day to put that lovely spoon Polly gave you to use. Maybe some vanilla sugar?
Le Jour Heureux de Bastille!

Crossroads Cottage said...

Renoir is too cute. I especially love the first photo where he appears to be propped perfectly to watch TV. :-)

Maija said...

I just found your very lovely blog through my friend Beth Quinn! Beautiful, and I can't wait to see more!

A Romantic Porch said...

That was such a fun posting! I enjoyed all of it. xorachel

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Alice,

Every single picture was so much fun to look at. Love the gifts! Your doggie looks like a King! lol
Have a great day,
Janet's Creative Pillows

Robin said...

I got a great giggle out of that photo of Renoir after his solitude had been interrupted.

I've put a link to Romantic Thoughts on my blog so my friends can see what's possible when the blogger has talent!


Counting Your Blessings said...

I was sitting here tonight in a lousy mood, wondering where I could visit that would just soothe me. My first thought was here! And to scroll down to find such nice words about me... I'm a little teary. Thank you... You are so dear! Hugs, Polly