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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Inspiration...

Lately, I have been very inspired by everyone's fall decoration and displays seen on blogs and Flickr. I have been living vicariously through them...since I haven't decorated for the season yet myself. One in particular that caught my eye, was the decorated porch of Rebecca Lewis of Simply Stated Aesthetics. She has a beautiful old porch that is richly decorated for Halloween and the autumn season. It is currently featured as the latest "Vignette of the Moment" in my Romantic Vignettes feature. Be sure to stop by and be inspired!

I decided about two weeks ago to give my house the once over and completely redecorate small task (just ask my husband...;)! So the thought of adding more for the season is just not in the cards right now for me. I just finished the living room...and started the dining room last within a couple of weeks I should be where I want. I have been scouring magazine racks for inspiration and thought I would share my latest finds...
Country French, that I found at Borders, is a new favorite...
Country French
With my own home...although many, many, many miles away from France...I am trying to capture a bit of French essence with my decor. I am attempting at a more relaxed, lived in and welcoming feel. I especially love this interior:

I was also able to find the latest issue of Country Victorian, which I haven't seen for some time.

Country Victorian

When I found this article, near the back of the magazine, I was enthralled. I am loving anything gray...bluish gray...greenish gray...etc. lately and this set is stunning! It comes form the home of Nikki Renshaw of The English Eccentric Home.

I also purchased some magazines with definite fall flair...and to help inspire me in my artistic endeavors... There is a fabulous article in Home Companion featuring the home of Rebecca Purcell, formerly of ABC Carpet & Home (a very inspirational site!). As well as several great articles on homes decorated for the if you are needing inspiration on that end, I highly recommend it!


Awhile ago, I received a package from the very lovely Sandi, with whom I correspond through email quite a bit. I had no idea she had her own Etsy shop with such lovely creations and treasures until she sent me all this! I just popped in today and she has serveral rose dishes for sale at very reasonable prices, as well as all of her crafting goodness! She also recently created her own blog which you can visit at:

Sandi's Package

Sandi's Tags

Thanks Sandi for the beautiful package! I love every single thing!

Till next time...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Flea Market Apple Picking...

Montreal Botanical Garden
Happy beginning of autumn everyone! The leaves have started to turn here, pumpkins are for sale, and the air has gotten a little bit I know my favorite season is present!

Seems like Flea Market Friday is the only time I find myself blogging these days, but I am happy to be here and share my latest offerings. Since it's fall and fall reminds me of apples, I thought we would go apple picking. This little chap has decided to join us and lead the way...
Colonial Boy Figurine
Click here to purchase.

Since it may be chilly while we are out, you should put on this vintage, knit scarf to stay warm...
Vintage Ivory Knit Scarf

Of course, while we are out picking apples, we will need a bowl to put them how about this white vintage enamel bowl. I love the red trim...
Vintage Enamel Bowl
Click here to purchase.

When we return from our day of collecting apples, we will no doubt want to make an apple pie. You will, of course, need this adorable vintage apron. It is in the most perfect striped shades of pink, orange and light brown and has lovely lace trim. Also looks beautiful displayed in a country kitchen...
Vintage Striped Apron

Now while we are waiting for our pie to bake...perhaps we will take a stroll looking for some rare vintage and antique finds.
Look at this beautiful vintage hand painted tole tray...
Vintage Black Tole Tray
Click here to purchase.

And from my mother's "antiques n' things", this stunning vintage Capodimonte vase...look at the detailing!
Capodimonte Vintage Vase
Click here to purchase.

An ornate vintage pair of brass candle holders with green emamel from India...
Indian Candle Holders
Click here to purchase.

And because fall reminds me of weddings (I got married on October my second anniversary is nearing!), I have found the most charming vintage porcelain cake toppers:
Vintage Cake Topper Couple
Click here to purchase.

This one is actually almost the exact same as the one I had on my own cake...but mine didn't have the darling pink rose...
Vintage Kissing Cake Topper
Click here to purchase.

And, I just found a brand new sewing/quilting shop...just waiting to be opened or given a new look...(lol...are you enjoying how I am attempting to keep these all related to our theme!) I have one new OOAK Website Template available, perfect for a sewing or quilting shop...or anyone who loves vintage notions...
Vintage Sewing Website Template

I am looking forward to that let me know when you finish it won't you? ;)
Wish you all a blessed weekend to follow!
Montreal Botanical Garden
Till next time...

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Vintage/Retro Inspired and Shabby Chic Web Designs

Hey everybody! Flea Market Friday is here already! I really don't know how the weeks seem to go by so fast! I know I have been a really sparse blogger these past few months. Thanks to all who send emails checkin in on me! I have been very busy "reprioritizing" my life and business, which leaves only a short window these days for blogging.

I have been working hard at my design work lately, and wanted to share some of my latest available designs for those of you who might be looking to update your site or for those who are looking to start one. As usual the website templates are only available with Pappashop, Merchant Mom's or Shoppe Pro hosting options. Click on the images of each to be taken directly to the listing where you can view each design in full.

This is the most recent, and is perfect for anyone with Parisian flair or who just loves anything French.
"Vintage Paris"

And if you are a shabby chic lover, I created this simple, yet elegant design in shades of pink and blue.

"Pink & Aqua Chic"
And straying away from my "norm" for a bit...I decided to throw in something a little funkier with this "Retro Mod" design. I think this one is really cute and would make a great statement for many different kinds of businesses.
"Retro Mod"
I also have been working at creating more banners for those of you who would like a unique look for your blog, or for those who like to have some versatility with their shop. They are very affordable and can give a quick update without costing a lot.

"Rustic Romance"
Again, I hope you enjoy my latest creations and if you can't find something to suite your needs available on my site, please feel free to contact me regarding custom work.

Till next time...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Change of Heart...

As many of you know, besides creating artwork and selling home decor products, I also offer my own website and graphic design work. I have been doing this for a little over a year now, and for the most part have enjoyed it. However, the last few months, things started to change for me. I started to get run down and felt exhausted everyday. Furthermore, changes were made to one of the hosts I work with that dramatically changed how much business I was receiving. All of this on top of a few frustrating experiences, left me feeling that maybe I needed to move on and pursue other career paths.

I spent the month of August considering this, even putting up notice on my site that I would be reducing the amount of available designs and was no longer available for custom work. Some of you may have even contacted me during that time, to find that the case. It was a very difficult and dark month for me, unsure of what direction to go in.

I considered outside employment to bring in steady income, but even as I was searching for work and going on interviews, something inside of me didn't want to let go. I have a deep need to use my creativity and passion everyday. It can be seen in everything I home...the gifts I give to friends and family...etc.

So, after thinking on it for a bit, many lengthy discussions with my husband, and tearful prayers, I came to the decision to continue with this passion. Perhaps, I just needed a little "vacation" from it for that month to regroup and get reconnected with what I truly love...and that is being creative...and helping others pursue their own dreams of having a beautiful online shop or blog.

So all of this is to say...that I'm Back!!! And if I turned away your work during that month, I extend to you my sincerest apologies and hope that you will understand what I was going through, and that I needed to be away for a bit. However, I am currently available and ready to go with whatever design needs you may have! So email me and/or visit my website and check out my designs. I am thrilled to be back focused on what I love with a clear new perspective!

Here are some of my latest premade designs (click on the image to go to the listing page where you can see the full design/size):

'Autumn Harvest' OOAK Blog or Website Banner
'French Blue' OOAK Website or Blog Banner
I have many more website templates available on the site and am open again for custom work starting September 15th, so contact me if you are interested!

Thanks to everyone for you patience with me during my time away!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Colossians 3:15


And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.
—Colossians 3:15
(just a little somethin I'm workin' on..;)

Wishing you all a peaceful and thankful week...
and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, Angela, who turns 24 today!!! I'd post her picture, but I know she'd kill me ;)...