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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Inspiration...

Lately, I have been very inspired by everyone's fall decoration and displays seen on blogs and Flickr. I have been living vicariously through them...since I haven't decorated for the season yet myself. One in particular that caught my eye, was the decorated porch of Rebecca Lewis of Simply Stated Aesthetics. She has a beautiful old porch that is richly decorated for Halloween and the autumn season. It is currently featured as the latest "Vignette of the Moment" in my Romantic Vignettes feature. Be sure to stop by and be inspired!

I decided about two weeks ago to give my house the once over and completely redecorate small task (just ask my husband...;)! So the thought of adding more for the season is just not in the cards right now for me. I just finished the living room...and started the dining room last within a couple of weeks I should be where I want. I have been scouring magazine racks for inspiration and thought I would share my latest finds...
Country French, that I found at Borders, is a new favorite...
Country French
With my own home...although many, many, many miles away from France...I am trying to capture a bit of French essence with my decor. I am attempting at a more relaxed, lived in and welcoming feel. I especially love this interior:

I was also able to find the latest issue of Country Victorian, which I haven't seen for some time.

Country Victorian

When I found this article, near the back of the magazine, I was enthralled. I am loving anything gray...bluish gray...greenish gray...etc. lately and this set is stunning! It comes form the home of Nikki Renshaw of The English Eccentric Home.

I also purchased some magazines with definite fall flair...and to help inspire me in my artistic endeavors... There is a fabulous article in Home Companion featuring the home of Rebecca Purcell, formerly of ABC Carpet & Home (a very inspirational site!). As well as several great articles on homes decorated for the if you are needing inspiration on that end, I highly recommend it!


Awhile ago, I received a package from the very lovely Sandi, with whom I correspond through email quite a bit. I had no idea she had her own Etsy shop with such lovely creations and treasures until she sent me all this! I just popped in today and she has serveral rose dishes for sale at very reasonable prices, as well as all of her crafting goodness! She also recently created her own blog which you can visit at:

Sandi's Package

Sandi's Tags

Thanks Sandi for the beautiful package! I love every single thing!

Till next time...


My Petite Maison said...

My husband came home with all those magazines but the Somerset one (got to get it). They're on my to-do list, thank you for letting me know there's a lot to look forward to in looking/reading each one!

What lovely goodies you received, all so pretty and thoughtful. Will have to check out her shop in a minute.

We haven't started Fall decorating yet (the official date is always October 1 for us), but I love your Vignette of Rebecca's porch and definitely puts me in the mood to get started on the porch. Ooh, can't wait to see what you've done to your home when you're finished decorating - have fun!

Sandi said...

I am so glad you like all the goodies I sent you Alice! Magazines...I am addicted to pretty magazines! Have you seen the new issue of Romantic Homes? Mine came in the mail today and I love it!
Sandi said...

Your posts are always so pretty. I am really drawn to those last two stamped tags, that you received, I really like those stamps. I've been looking for a pretty chandelier stamp...

And yes, blue/grey is such a tranquil color!

Anonymous said...

hi there Alice,
greeting from sunny island of singapore!
ive also bought the country french magazine and i love love love love what's featuring!!

Kasey said...

I have been browsing your blog, and first time commenting on it.
just lovley!
thanks for sharing!!