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Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Flea Market Apple Picking...

Montreal Botanical Garden
Happy beginning of autumn everyone! The leaves have started to turn here, pumpkins are for sale, and the air has gotten a little bit I know my favorite season is present!

Seems like Flea Market Friday is the only time I find myself blogging these days, but I am happy to be here and share my latest offerings. Since it's fall and fall reminds me of apples, I thought we would go apple picking. This little chap has decided to join us and lead the way...
Colonial Boy Figurine
Click here to purchase.

Since it may be chilly while we are out, you should put on this vintage, knit scarf to stay warm...
Vintage Ivory Knit Scarf

Of course, while we are out picking apples, we will need a bowl to put them how about this white vintage enamel bowl. I love the red trim...
Vintage Enamel Bowl
Click here to purchase.

When we return from our day of collecting apples, we will no doubt want to make an apple pie. You will, of course, need this adorable vintage apron. It is in the most perfect striped shades of pink, orange and light brown and has lovely lace trim. Also looks beautiful displayed in a country kitchen...
Vintage Striped Apron

Now while we are waiting for our pie to bake...perhaps we will take a stroll looking for some rare vintage and antique finds.
Look at this beautiful vintage hand painted tole tray...
Vintage Black Tole Tray
Click here to purchase.

And from my mother's "antiques n' things", this stunning vintage Capodimonte vase...look at the detailing!
Capodimonte Vintage Vase
Click here to purchase.

An ornate vintage pair of brass candle holders with green emamel from India...
Indian Candle Holders
Click here to purchase.

And because fall reminds me of weddings (I got married on October my second anniversary is nearing!), I have found the most charming vintage porcelain cake toppers:
Vintage Cake Topper Couple
Click here to purchase.

This one is actually almost the exact same as the one I had on my own cake...but mine didn't have the darling pink rose...
Vintage Kissing Cake Topper
Click here to purchase.

And, I just found a brand new sewing/quilting shop...just waiting to be opened or given a new look...(lol...are you enjoying how I am attempting to keep these all related to our theme!) I have one new OOAK Website Template available, perfect for a sewing or quilting shop...or anyone who loves vintage notions...
Vintage Sewing Website Template

I am looking forward to that let me know when you finish it won't you? ;)
Wish you all a blessed weekend to follow!
Montreal Botanical Garden
Till next time...


Melissa said...

Oh, how I love apple picking! It's been Apple-a-Day Week over at my blog, with a different apple recipe for each day, but I may be extending it since so many people keep writing in with new apple recipes to try! Love that beautiful enameled bowl, by the way.

Tracie~MPMaison said...

What a darling post and lots of wonderful finds to be had. The scarf looks especially cozy and that scarecrow knows something he's not telling perhaps (always dreaming here...). I'm not a baker, or I'd bake that pie. I think I can smell the cinnamon though.

Hope some of that Fall weather comes this way soon and yes, October is the best month of all.
Happy Weekend back!

My Petite Maison said...

The Magnolia Pearl Book is ~*~beautiful~*~

Kathleen said...

My first visit to your blog.Very beautiful things!!!