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Monday, October 20, 2008

Beautiful Nature...

I have been a very scarce blogger these days...but just wanted to pop in and say I'm still here! I also wanted to share some inspirational shots of nature from some of my favorite Flickr friends! The whether is getting colder got down in to the 30's the other night! Brrr! And has been in the low 50's most days...but the colors are beautiful and Josh, Renoir and I are certainly enjoying this gorgeous season! Hope that wherever you are it is beautiful as well!

(Oh and...for those of you interested...I have been locked away (okay not literally!) in my studio creating new art these past couple of weeks and hope to get it stocked on my site asap! Thanks for all of the inquiries and your interest in my work!)


RobinfromCA said...

Thanks for including me in your lovely collage! I envy you having some fall weather. We're still only getting one day of fall and then a week of 80's. But, we will really, really enjoy the fall when it arrives!! Enjoy the long walks with your hubby and Renoir!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Collage.We are having a lovely fall this year.Its been around your temp during the day with bright sunshine.The evenings are cold.I think its been really beautiful.

Jackie said...

Just beautiful!! Like Robin, I envy your real fall - it's still too warm here in Northern California - cool nights and some color, but not like you have. I love your mosaic!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mosaic! I love all your choices. Your blog is just gorgeous too!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hey Alice... your collage is just gorgeous!! I have been so bad about commenting lately... hope you are having a nice Fall.

Hey did you know that I think we are only about 4 hours away from each other?? I was intrigued when I saw your photo of a wedding you went to in PA and mapquested your address... so funny! I am north of Pittsburgh. Maybe sometime in the future we can have a girls day if we met half way! xoxo Heather

Sandi said...

What a beautiful collage! I am anxious to see your new goodies. I am always amazed by your artwork!

My Petite Maison said...

I'm glad to hear Renoir didn't lock you up in your studio ;) Your mosaic is a beauty, nature's wonders together, so pretty! I would love a few of those fat pumpkins to put on my porch.

You're lucky with that true Fall weather, it's in the 90s here but I'm sure I'll complain if it gets in 30s here at night since Zeke likes the window open...

Can't wait to see your new works of art. You're always an inspiration.