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Friday, October 10, 2008

Free Shipping Weekend

Roses and Lace

Flea Market Friday is here again! And over at Painted White we are offering free shipping on all purchases (all items in all categories!) now through Sunday! We sure hope you will stop in and take advantage of this special offer!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!


My Petite Maison said...

I'm off to take a look... What a beautiful photo, Alice!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Just Stopping by for a peek. Have a lovely weekend. Blessings.. Polly

Becky said...

I adore your blog. I have been here off and on all day. Beautiful beautiful.
You take the most beautiful pictures. How do you take such wonderful shots? What kind of camera do you have? Ok...sorry for all the questions. I just know that I could learn so much from you.
Thanks for the treat today

Counting Your Blessings said...

What a great idea - free shipping. Maybe I should try that. Blessings... Polly (p.s. Had my son working as secretary today - I asked him to go to all the FFM seller sites and let me know if there were any that hadn't listed for a few weeks. I gave him a message to leave in the comments section. That's why you have a comment from earlier. Hey, a girl's gotta take the help when she can get it- lol)

oldflowers4me said...

ooooohhhh-your blog world is divine-singing and skipping -jo.

The Old Painted Cottage said...

I'll be sure to check it out. Also, I wanted to thank you for weighing in on my recent post. Everyone's thoughts and opinions are very valuable to me.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...


I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.


Ava said...

Well written article.