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Friday, October 31, 2008

Merci and Happy Halloween!

First of all...I cannot say thank you enough to all of you who have sent me, my Uncle Larry and my family well wishes and prayer support. It really means the world to me! I will hopefully be getting up to the hospital tomorrow or Saturday to visit Larry again, and will update on how his progress is going next week. Thanks to everyone for reminding me that people really do care and that asking for prayer is okay! ;)
Another big giant "thank you" to send to my dear friend Tracie of My Petite Maison. We recently worked on a couple of big design projects of which you can visit now here, and the other is coming soon! Tracie sent the most wonderful package to me last week...and both Renoir and I were thrilled!
Renoir's gift was perfectly decorated for the holiday...
Gifts for Renoir and Me
He knew right away something was for him and started pulling at the tissue. I let him pull the gift out of the bag himself...which took him running all around the house with a lion half out of a paper bag...but it was fun to see how excited he got! How cute is his newest addition to the family?
Renoir's New Friend
My gift was wrapped in gorgeous paper with a lovely postcard on the front with the letter "A". Inside I first found several tea bags...these ones are in fabric sachets and are from Paris...très chic!
French Tea from Tracie
And I have enjoyed the Vanilla flavor (also from France) the past two nights...delicious!
French Tea from Tracie
There was a beautiful Eiffel Tower card...and a pair of these stunning fleur-de-lis glasses. They are so beautiful, that I am almost afraid to use them, for fear they might break! I also got to see, in person for the first time, one of my own business card designs. Tracie has a front and back designed card...and it is beautiful (even if I do say so!)...
So another big merci to Tracie! You have no idea what your kindness and generosity means to me (and Renoir!). We love everything, and I am so blessed to call you my friend!
Now moving on to Friday Flea Market (which now has a new home...and if you haven't stopped's a must see! Thanks Polly for the continued hard work!). I have something a little different today for you to check out. I am actually promoting my husband, Joshua's, Etsy shop today. He recently created some hand painted pendant necklaces from vintage dominos that are really stunning (and also kind of fitting for today!)...and yes...that is me modeling for him ;) Each one is hand painted and then sealed for protection, and comes with a ball chain necklace. Be sure to stop by his Etsy shop to see all of his new items.
Black & WhiteTree Pendant Necklace

Black & WhiteTree Pendant Necklace
Click here to purchase.
Blue and Black Tree Pendant Necklace

Blue and Black Tree Pendant Necklace
Once again...I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the support of this online community. Your thoughts and prayers for my family during this time are so appreciated! Hope you all have a very safe and happy Halloween!


TattingChic said...

I hope you Uncle Larry is doing better! My prayers are still with your family and him.
The teddy bear is adorable. I sure wish the computer had smell-o-vision because those sachets are probably scrumptious to smell! Your latest pendants are little works of art!

Violet said...

Enjoyed your blog today (as always!) What fun to see the gifts that were sent your way. Friendship is a wonderful thing!

My Petite Maison said...

Hi Alice!
Hope you get to see your Uncle Larry this weekend and that he's making much great progress. People never fail to amaze me with their goodness when just asked for a little helping hand.

Renoir deserves 1,000 cute toys (which he may just have already) he's such a doll, he could ask for anything in my house and get it in at a second's notice.

As far as projects, you know I would "work" - if you could call it that... since it's such a pleasure... all the time with you ;) And if I say so too, that business card (and everything else you do is gorgeous).

Josh's necklaces are beautiful, glad he's been having some artistic time too. Off to Etsy to take a look right now.

Here's to the meeting of friends in France... the feeling is absolutely mutual ~Thoughtful friend.
Happy Halloween! ~Tracie

Kerryanne English said...

Such beautiful gifts to receive Alice. Hope Uncle Larry is improving.

Anonymous said...


you love your aunt so much and clearly want to give her your lion... ;p