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Friday, March 26, 2010

Make Sure You are Updated...

Just a quick note to the new followers I have been getting here {despite being on Typepad for over a year now...can you believe it's been that long?} I solely post over there you won't be able to stay up to date if you don't add my new blog in your followers list...this one is basically null...

Be sure to check me out at ;)

~Alice W.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't Forget...

...that I have moved over to Typepad! I am currently only posting over there and will be doing so from now on. I know that some of you have started updating your links for me, and I so appreciate it! And for those of you who "follow" my blog through Blogger...don't forget to update that with the new link otherwise you will miss all of my new posts. You can follow any blog, even Typepad blogs, through Blogger's system which makes it really easy! Hope to see you all over there...I miss you :(...
~Alice W.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Moving...

So, I have made a decision to move.

No...not literally ;) (even though I would LOVE to move into a larger, older, more romantic home than my current townhouse), I am actually just moving my blog.

I have always enjoyed the look and feel of Typepad blogs, and while for the past couple of years, I couldn't reconcile paying for a blog when it's free here at Blogger...I have come to's worth it! I feel as though I have out grown Bloggers capabilities, and the annoyance of how pictures are uploaded, among other things. With the new year, I have started to feel the need to "de-clutter" and freshen up my life in all sorts of ways. My house is getting a huge overhaul now that Christmas is over...and I will be sorting through all of my treasures striving to only keep the ones I love and cannot live without. (The rest may actually serve to benefit some of you as I pass them along to new homes via my website!).

So with all of that being said, I have also felt to need to spruce up my "blog space" and create a new, clean place to think and write. I have also changed the title to simply, "Thoughts from Alice W." While, I will always consider myself a "romantic at heart" I am enjoying simplicity these days...and felt that I didn't want to continue to "brand" my blog as romantic...there are so many sides to me!

So where can you find me you might be asking? Here is the new link (and I would sure appreciate it if you updated it on your sidebars if you have me there...I know it's a pain but it will make the transition one step easier for me!) -that's it! Super simple to remember now too!

I really do hope that all of you will continue to visit me and not consider this as me moving "away" from any of you. Just a different place to visit me...that's all ;) I look forward to seeing you over there (and for those of you wondering about my "holiday home Part II"...I will be posting about it over there as it will be easier for me to get all the pictures in the order I want...and will hopefully spare me some time unlike the last one!)

~Alice W.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Holiday Home ~ Part I

I am so excited to let you all know that have finally gotten around to posting about our holiday home! This has been a true labor of love and has taken me hours and hours of editing and uploading to Blogger...for those of you who use know what a process that can be! I am also so excited that some of these photos were taken with my new Christmas present. Josh got me this as well as a telephoto lens...and I have to tell you...the world of photography for me will never be the same. If you thought I was a photo addict before...just wait!

Today, you will be going on a tour from the entry way and through the living room. If you come back later this week, you will get to view our dining room.

So...shall we get started?
First of all, to view the full entryway, be sure to head over to my Romantic Vignettes page for the full display. The above photo is a detail of what you will find there (and includes a lovely handmade tag from Sandi).
The wreath below was displayed on our coat closet with one of my curly feathered birds and a beautiful poem "Showing the Rabbit" sent to me by Madai of Wren Cottage.

I displayed all of our Christmas cards on a large pair of shutter doors...

This pretty one was from Sandi...

And you have to love this vintage inspired card from Polly!

After having our tree for about three weeks, I was getting bored of the look and wanted to switch it took everything off and started over! (I know I know...Josh thought it was crazy too!). I found this vintage foil Poinsettia in my studio and added it to the top...

And when I found these adorable pear ornaments at the Dollar Store, I decided to make Noelle "a Partridge in a Pear Tree"...

Josh took this shot on our new camera...stunning isn't it?

The new look for the tree included several little nests of eggs and birds, and pale aqua and faux mercury glass ornaments...

I also decided late in the game to 'winterize' the corner shelf behind the tree...
Pretty French postcard from Tracie...

And a lovely stocking from Sheila R.

I also found a fascination for paper mache snowmen and purchased this cutie from Katie's Rose Cottage...
And this little "Snow Fellow" by Dee Foust from Victorian Trading Co. I am in love with him ;)
Little Snow Fellow

The shelves in our living room were decked with white pottery and china and cinnamon scented pine cones...

My mom gave me this cute Christmas church which found a home on our coffee table...
And here are some details of the rest of the room...

Well I hope you enjoyed the first half of our tour and that you will come back for the rest soon!
Till next time...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Exciting News! Great FFM Finds!

A couple of weeks ago, Josh and I were thrilled that he was featured on Etsy's blog The Storque. Imagine our delight, when today, I was featured as well! For both articles they chose our pieces/photos for the header image! I wrote about Josh's feature on his blog which you can read about here, and if you want to see mine you can view it here.

The articles are about weekend deals...and I am having one in my Paradox shop this weekend only (Saturday 1/3 through Sunday 1/4). When you buy one item at regular price, you can purchase another of equal or lesser value for half price!

And now for Friday Flea Market!!!

Since the holidays are just wrapping up, I haven't had any time to stock new items in my shop. BUT...I have some exciting news for you. For Christmas, my mom's gift from me was her own website! I haven't had time yet to create a spectacular design for her...unfortunately I had to put her on the "waiting list", since I have so much work! She has gone ahead and started filling up her shop, however, and purchases can be made now.

So, I decided to feature my mother today, for Friday Flea Market, in hopes that you will pay her a visit. Some of the items listed below are available in her Etsy shop, but if you would prefer to purchase them directly from her website, just contact her and let her know. She offers very reasonable prices and has marked things way down in her Etsy shop, so you are sure to find some great deals!

~For the Vanity or Powder Room~
Vintage Porcelain Yellow Rose Trinket Box
Such a pretty yellow rose!
Hand painted china...fabulous! The back has a yellow rose too!
I find this one so charming and beautiful! I think I want it...hehe!

~Fine Dining~
I love these and have some of my own! They remind me of royalty and Marie Antoinette!
Make for unique conversation pieces!

~Cute and Playful Finds~
Owls are all the rage these days...and these guys would be a perfect eclectic piece!
Adorable vintage toy set! Perfect for display or a wee one...
Would make an adorable addition to a nursery or for any collector of all things cute and shabby!

~Creative Inspiration~
These could be used as intended...or they could make some beautiful altered bottles! Click here for some inspiring ideas!
Add Old World charm to your decor...or use the pages for creative art work!
Great for art work or jewelry supplies!

Some other exciting news to go along with all of this is that my mom has also joined Blogland! She recently created her very own blog. It still needs some sprucing up from me once we get her web design finished, and she is still learning how it all works...but I do hope you will stop by and check it out!

Till next time...